Monday, 1 February 2016

Creative Writing 1 By Chong Ing Kai

One of my earliest memories is about my grandmother. She had soft red hair, and her face in wrinkles. Her eyes were black as night, and she was energetic, always moving around. I can remember her watching TV shows and always going out to meet her friends. Up to this day, she is still very energetic.
I used to go to the park near my house every day if it did not rain. The park was not very big and was ancient. There was a set of monkey bars, which had its paint peeling off and smelled of rust. There was also a swing which creaked and groaned whenever I used it. It felt very bumpy and noisy. Those two areas of the park were where I used to play. Now, I still go there every day.
I stayed in a tall landed house, and I can remember the smell of the wooden tiles on the floor. My mother used to have to shout loudly from downstairs to call me down to eat dinner. I can also remember the delicious smells of what my helper was cooking. It was very tiring to run up and down the house just to get something.
These are my earliest memories

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