Friday, 26 February 2016

Reuben Ng (17) Sci Fi AA

     AA Science Fiction Short Story          
Reuben Ng    S101        No of words:   543       Title: The expedition to Mars

“3,2,1,BLAST OFF!!” “WHOOSSSHHHH!!!!”The new rocket, The Explorer, took off and soared up into the air and within seconds they were out of sight. The astronauts had to go through vigorous training for two months before the space agency picked out 50 people from the first 200.They were given a task; they had to go to Mars and try to build a colony there if they can live and find some water, soil or food there
 , they should continue staying there if they don’t, they would have to come back the space agencies ordered it.They also stated that they would be sending essential supplies monthly for three years.

On Mars, The Explorer landed.It was a very smooth landing, and nothing went wrong.Everyone was enthusiastic and instantaneously tried to jump out of the rocket ship and walk on the red planet Mars.The ground was filled with red, orange and brown sand.Everybody looked around hoping to see interesting things like aliens or rare materials.They pitched the huts, and they had a semicircle roof surrounding all the huts, connecting them together.They also elected a leader who was called John who would make the decisions and lead them.He was such a good leader that within three years, they were such a thriving colony that they were rearing animals and growing plants.They would also go on an expedition every month to look for something interesting on Mars.Everyone was very contented.

But, after a few generations, the colony was so prosperous that there were more mouths to feed than the rate they are producing the food, so they thought of invading another planet to get some more food for themselves.They decided to build attack freighters to attack Earth to get some more resources.Unfortunately, they did not know that Earth was actually where their ancestors came from.They made many automated robots that can attack.Within three months, they were prepared for a full-scale invasion.They would use the element of surprise and then bombard the headquarters of the Earth-Federation.When the “Martians” came, the earthlings on Earth were caught by surprise and were not in time to react. Soon the earthlings with a much larger and stronger force tried to counterattack the “Martians” but due to their poor planning, they suffered heavy casualties and were defeated.After a while, the Earth Federation tried to have a peace treaty with the “Martians” and at the same time trying to find out more about them. To each others’ surprise, the earthlings and the “Martians” looked alike.
The “Martians”, out of curiosity did some tests and found out their ancestors were actually from Earth.Both parties, the Earth-Federation and the”Martians” were very other shocked and surprise. Instantaneously, both parties signed the peace treaty.The “Martians”, soon learnt why the were on Mars. They also explained why they wanted to attack Earth.The President of the Earth Federation heard the explanation and was amazed and wanted this operation to continue.Soon the earthling had another place of refuge if anything were to happen to Earth.The people also traveled to and fro from Mars and Earth having cultural exchanges and gain experience from one another.

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