Thursday, 4 February 2016

Chian ZhengHang Earliest memories

Chian ZhengHang earliest memories

    One person, I remember from my earliest memories was my helper; I do not remember her name, but I remember her face.She had a kind of brown face, big eyes, her hair was also quite short.My helper would always feed me powdered milk first thing in the morning, and she would always try to kiss me which I always try to avoid.She would always wear some cheap abut comfortable clothes as she was poor.
    I used to play in my grandmother's front yard; there were some potted plants and flower there, and it will also smell nice.There was also the noise of the bell of school as it was near a few school.Sometimes, when the dump trucks come by, my cousin and I would always run for cover as it was smelly and would wait for 5 minutes before continuing to play.We would also play catching there as it was big.We would chase each other around, and we were very noisy.

    I used to live in a two storey in Malaysia.It was big, and my family would always sleep on the 2nd storey with aircon and TV.The TV upstairs was smaller compared to the TV downstairs and we also had a place where we stored all our gold and valuables.It was filled with lots of shiny gold and silver that I think was from my grandma.These are my earliest memories.

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