Monday, 1 February 2016

Creative writing 1 Quay Genk Swee Daniel(19)

These are my earliest memories

  One of my earliest memories was from my grandmother.She had white hair and would eat kaya bread and drink coffee every breakfast.She used to sew on an old sewing machine that was made of wood and metal.I can remember the sound the machine used to make when my grandmother was using it.

  I used to go to the park next to my block.There was a playground there which I used to go to.There was also a pond there.There were fish and terrapins there.The splashing of a fountain there was very loud and I remember it clearly.

  I used to live in my old flat.I remember it to be spacious.There was an electric piano there.To me,it felt as though it was a grand piano.There was also a study table there too.I once used it to do my homework regulary.

These are my earliest memories.

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