Friday, 26 February 2016

EL Creative Writing Task 2

EL Creative Writing Task 2

By: Wong Hong Ngai (24) S1-01 25/1/16

  The dark, empty house lay before Mouse. "This should be a piece of cake!"He thought. Feeling confident, he decided to venture out of his mouse hole and look for food on the floor.
  As mouse ventured deeper into the house, he started having goosebumps. He passed a window, and a pair of evil little eyes flashed before it disappeared again. Paranoid, Mouse walked faster, and the wooden floorboards creaked, Mouse thought he heard purring behind his shoulder and turned around. However, there was nothing behind him. "Bah! I'm just imagining things," he told himself cheerfully. Mouse started to shiver a little, although it was summer.
  Suddenly, every reflective surface seemed to possess a pair of evil litlle eyes and creaking of the wooden floorboards seemed to come from every corner. Mouse scampered, he knew not where, and at last hid under a wooden counter where he stayed there shivering and wished that he had listened to his friends' advice not to go look for food at night.

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