Thursday, 25 February 2016

Creative writing moby dick by ZhengHang

  When I was a child, I well remember that I destroyed the Ipad, and there was glass on the floor.As I was still young, my parents just send me to bed when it was only two p.m. in the afternoon.I did not want to go to bed, so I threw my feet on the ground begging them not to send me to bed while crying, but they still ended me to bed.
  I walked to bed as slowly as possible dragging my feet to kill time.Light still came in through my window and my room was still so bright.I could still hear the sound of the cars and motorcycles I then slowly go on the bed and dozed off.
  I woke up from bed.My room was still pitch-dark, and everything was silent, I could only see a little bit of my Room could only hear myself on the bed.Suddenly I could hear my door creak open, and an unexpected visitor crept in and sat beside me.I quickly went back to bed pretending to sleep.I felt scared as I thought that it was the creature of the dark.I dare not move an inch as I dose off.

  I woke up, wondering what sat beside me during the night.To this day, it is still a mystery

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