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El AA Final Elrond Hu Kangsheng

Elrond Hu Kangsheng
Apollo 14(Final)

    Shocking, chaotic and luck are the only words that can describe the experiences the astronauts on Apollo 14 encountered.
   Everyone said their farewells as they climbed the steel steps to the Rocketship, Apollo 14. Once all four of them- Luke, Paul, John and Mike had entered Apollo 14, they were approved for take off by Mission Control.
   As they exited Earth, there was a violent jerk. Like it was his first instinct, Mike went to check what had happened. It was revealed that the thrust engines had gone haywire and they were now on collision course with the sun!
   The sun was like a gigantic, red, fiery, fireball. Luke shuddered as he thought disturbingly that the space shuttle would vaporise into thin air due to the sheer heat without even coming close to the Sun.
   The Team Leaders, Luke and Paul kept as cool as a cucumber as they thought of an emergency plan.

     There was pin drop silence until, Luke thought of an idea and
shouted out orders, "Paul contact Mission Control and ask them
about information on any small meteorites in our course!"

    Essentially he wanted to make use Newton's Third Law, which states that any object travelling in a straight line would continue in that direction unless acted upon by an external force. So Luke's plan was to have a small meteorite hit the tip of Apollo 14 so that it could tilt Apollo 14 on course to Earth to make an emergency crash landing in the Pacific Ocean as they did not have enough fuel left to reach Mercury

    Soon Paul got information about a meteorite, meteorite 1337,
that would collide with them in twenty minutes.
   Once it was five minutes away, Luke ordered everyone to
adopt a brace position. "Brace brace brace!" Luke shouted. Not long later, the sheer impact of the meteorite almost ripped off Apollo 14's tip. If it were not for the heavy armour, the top of Apollo 14 would have been a distant memory.
    However the impact also tilted Apollo 14 a full one hundred and eighty degrees so that it was now on course with earth for the emergency crash landing.
    As they entered Earth's atmosphere, they could feel the gravity
pulling on them like a wild horse. Even though Luke was a highly
skilled astronaut, even he needed lots of luck to get the emergency
parachute to come out at the correct time and angle.

    Everyone turned on their emergency oxygen supply built into their suits as they reached the Ocean. The whole ship was shaking violently.
 Then, it crashed into the deep azure blue water of the Pacific

   "Ouch, what happened?" Luke said sleepily. "Don't worry," a voice answered him. "Your team is safe."

What:Luke wanted his team to be the first humans to step onto
Mercury, the nearest planet to the Sun
But:The thrust engines fail and they are now on collision course with
the sun.
So:They contact Mission Control and get information about a small
meteorite that will hit the tip of Apollo 14 so that it is tilted back onto
course with the Earth, so that they can make an emergency crash
landing on Earth.

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Creative Writing Task 3 by Jonah Choke

     When I was a child, I well remembered one naughty thing that I did. It was twelve in the afternoon. I could hear the growling from my stomach. Without further ado, I went to the kitchen to pour myself some Milo. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a very beautiful glass sculpture. I touched it and before I knew it, it fell. It shattered into countless pieces. Immediately, I cleared the whole place up. As expected, my mother found out and reprimanded me by telling me to go to bed
     I dragged my feet towards my room. As usual, I would always see my father's beautiful artwork. I tried to find some toys to play with but there were none. I could not do anything but to look outside the window. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw four ice cream sticks in between my books on my shelf. I started making a boomerang out of it.
     I started to get bored and the only thing that I could do was to fall asleep. I lay on my bed and looked at the ceiling. Somehow, I managed to fall asleep. I woke up at night when it was all dark and spooky. Suddenly, something crawling in between my legs. I felt like it was two inches in length. I dare not see what that mysterious creature was.
     I woke up the next day, unsure what that creature was. To this day, I am still unsure.

Jonah Choke's Final AA

Name & Reg: Jonah Choke/13
Class: S1-01
Title: Science Fiction Short Story(Final)

                                                       The Power of the Cloak

    “John, where do you want to eat later?” I questioned him. “I think I will have my lunch at the canteen as I cannot resist my hunger,” he answered as he stirred the mixture. We agreed on eating there. We were working on a mixture that helps plants grow taller than usual.

    As we entered the canteen, we saw many people eating. To our surprise, our favourite stall was the stall with the shortest line. Delighted, we made our way to the back of the queue. We dashed to the only table that was vacant. We were eating when all of a sudden, the siren went off.

    It was followed by an announcement stating that an animal hybrid, capable of doing almost everything, has escaped from its cage and told everyone to make their way out of the building without panicking.

    For a moment, silence reigned. Utter silence.

    Out of the blue, everyone started running like mad dogs. There was no exception for John and me. To our utmost horror, we realised that there was only one way out of the building - the main entrance. It was the furthest exit from us. We tried to squeeze our way through the massive crowd. Suddenly. I thought of another way to reach the exit.

    John agreed upon that route. We walked at our fastest pace. Suddenly, I heard a low menacing growl. I turned around and saw a horrifying creature right before my eyes. It was the hybrid!

    We ran at a speed that could shame a cheetah. The hybrid gave chase. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a room labelled “Special Projects”. It was the only room along the aisle, thus, we went inside.

    We scanned the room briefly. The room was vacant. I scanned the room again when something caught attention. It was a cloak that was tucked in the corner of the room. I find it weird as there would be a cloak inside an empty room. Many thoughts raced through my mind. Curiosity had gotten the better of me. I went towards it and picked it up.

    Just as I picked it up, a note dropped. It stated that when the cloaking device was active, light deflects around the object and the object becomes invisible.I found an “ON” button and pressed it. My hand had “vanished”! It was the coolest device I had ever seen. We could hear the hybrid approaching the room. Without thinking twice, I put the cloak on John and myself. It entered the room.

    It scanned the room slowly. Our hands were clammy. It did not see us! We heaved sighs of relief. It was about to exit the room when it turned back again! It had detected our scent in the room! We were very sure that we were doomed this time. We walked out of the science building wobbly- the place where we worked in.

     Out of the blue, some scientists entered the room. They shot it with papaverine injection, and it collapsed to the ground almost immediately. They brought it to a much stronger cage this time.

    The cloak has indeed saved our lives. The power of the coat is indescribable.

Somebody: John and I
Wanted: to eat lunch peacefully
But: an animal hybrid has escaped
So: they shot with papaverine injection to make it fall asleep
Then: it was brought back to a stronger cage.

Clarence Soo's AA

Name: Clarence Soo
Class: S1-01
Title: The Interplanetary War (final)

The A.D. 2197-2201 Interplanetary War was a period most would find hard to forget.
It all started when scientists decided to combine the human’s DNA with another animal’s, to create a new, stronger body through genetic mutation. The results were dire. The polar-bear-men (polar-men), cheetah-men and the elephant-men (ele-men) had a malfunction in their brain chips. Each type of creature stole a Bolt-002 (which could travel faster than light) and escaped to remote planets.
The first attack came from the polar-men. They came in great numbers, and the humans were unprepared. Hundreds of thousands died and many people grieved. The leader of the human army, Captain Tim, suggested travelling to the past and totally stopping the mutants’ existence (according to Einstein’s theory, faster-than-light communication equaled time travel).
However, the Bolts Company admitted that they had manufactured the Bolt-002 in a way that time travel was disabled. The human army had no choice but to unite forces throughout Earth to fight back against the mutants. This introduced a new age of technology as incredible new weapons were invented.
Captain Tim became incredibly busy as he sought out plans and strategies to attack the mutants. Alas, most of the attacks proved unsuccessful as the humans always found themselves outnumbered and at a physical disadvantage. Also, whenever any of the mutant forces struck, there were always too few humans left on Earth to defend themselves.
“We have a number problem,” announced Matt during an emergency sergeant meeting. “We have too few soldiers.”
“Nobody is volunteering to join the human army, seeing all the deaths and everything,” added Bobby, shrugging his shoulders and frowning slightly.
“We can’t do anything,” replied Captain Tim, “We’re just barely defending ourselves. We have no time to ask around for volunteers.” He sighed in distress.
Everyone around the table thought. They thought about survival. Protecting their planet and their people.
Suddenly, Chris, the genius of the bunch, sprang up. His fists were clenched, and he spoke with much force, yet remaining calm. “Let’s clone ourselves! We all share the same dreams, the same determination. If we had much more thinking the same as us, surely we would crush our enemies!” Everyone agreed with that idea, so Captain Tim informed the Bolts Company, and they quickly got to work.
The scientists working with the Bolts Company extracted somatic cells from the best sergeants.They transplanted the cells into host egg cells, which had their own genetic material removed. The somatic cells’ genetic materials were fused with the eggs using electric currents. Then the eggs were put into the Bolt Developer, a device used to speed up a baby’s body development. The newborn babies were transported to the Bolt Grower, a device used to speed up growth.
The human army was ready to launch its first full-force attack. Matt, Chris, and their clones assaulted Jupiter and its ele-men. They struck with so much force that they wiped out the ele-men entirely, lashing out with their cool new weapons. This victory gave everyone so much motivation that they were eager enough to attack any mutant force without Captain Tim’s permission.
At last, the smartest army, the humans, had a chance of winning the Interplanetary War.

SWBTS: The humans wanted to win the war, but they were too few in numbers, so they cloned themselves, then they fought back.

Chian ZhengHang's AA

Name: Chian ZhengHang
Class S1-01
Title: undieable city

    I woke up like just another day with my house smelling like a dump truck.I washed up and ate breakfast then I went to work.My job was to collect supplies to create clones from the outside world.I greeted my neighbours and friends like what I did after the ‘undieable' city was formed.The city was established years ago; there was a virus which had prevented humans from reproducing.About 60 years after, the human started to die out and only minority of the human population was left.That was when the President of the city had a scientific breakthrough that allowed him to create clones with the same memory as the original so whenever a person die, a new clone with the same memories would be released, thus people could not ‘die’.So, he gathered the people in a city and thus, the “undieable" city was formed.
    Then, I went and met Jovis at the park where were a lot of colourful flowers and had the scent of roses in the air before going to work.After a while, Jovis then arrived.Jovis had a lot of muscle and was strong.Together, we went to the place where we got suited before going to the outside world.Jovis and I got suited, got a gun and extraction device to extract minerals before going to the outside world.
    The outside world was just lots of dense forest.There were also a lot of vicious and aggressive animals due to the human being not being in the outside world and affecting the eco-system.Jovis and I walked until suddenly Jovis stopped.He whispered to me, “Run!”Suddenly, I realised gorilla liked animals on trees that looked like they just noticed us.They started chasing us; we quickly ran as fast as we could, occasionally shooting back.After a while, we finally lost them.That was when we found the substance used for cloning and we started extracting it.Suddenly,lion-liked beasts with sharp claws and teeth started attacking us and brought us to the ground.We frantically shot the beast while avoiding their bites and claws.That was when I heard Jovis shout out, “AH!”
    At the corner of my eyes, I saw that Jovis got bitten and crimson red blood was flowing out of him.I quickly shot the beast on me and helped Jovis by shouting the things off him.I wanted to run but I could not leave Jovis.So I told him to run and report me dead if I do not come back.I then charged towards the beasts.Suddenly, everything went black.
    I woke up like just another day with my house smelling like a dump truck.I washed up and ate breakfast then I went to work.I greeted my neighbours and friends like what I did after the ‘undieable' city was formed.I asked one of my neighbours which day it was and he said it was Tuesday.I was confused because I remembered yesterday to be Saturday.That was when I realised; I was ‘dead’.
S: I
W: want to run
B: Jovis was hurt and the beast was about to kill him.
T: Than I thought that I would not ‘die’ if one of us made it back to report the death
S: So I shot the beast off him and asked him to run before charging into the crowd.I woke up from bed again not remembering and then find out that his other ‘body’ had died

Sian Yin's AA final

Name: Tan Sian Yin (05) Class: S1-01 Date and Time: 27 January 2016

Title: Final (Let Me Go)  Number of words: 501

“Yes. I agree to surrender myself to the virtual world,” I confirmed, stepping through the doors of transformation. I was never going back to the living hell. “You have never done anything right in your life!” I had been reminded time and again. I could never compare to my sister. She aced in her studies, did all the right things while I was just a failure in my parent’s and her eyes. Now, I will change their minds. I surrender.

As I stepped through the doors, I felt myself transforming into ones and zeros, and finally, I was free from the cruel outside world, free from the torments of my parents and their cold stares.
The virtual world was taking over the real world. The avatar leaders in the game called the Amoris wanted to rule over the humans. However, not many were willing to become permanent avatars. Being the first few “Transformers”, I was tasked to coax humans into walking through the doors of transformation. Once you went through those doors, it was a point of no return; you would become one of us.
 For the first month, I had been working relentlessly, tricking humans through those innocent doors. However, I was getting tired. And I was wrong; I was a slave to the Amoris. I did not even get the freedom that I used to have.
 “Jake, this is the new list of recruitments.  You better get it done soon, or else...”  I took a dreaded look at the list and saw a familiar name: ‘Charisse Yeo’.  I could not believe my eyes! Could it be my sister?  She never played games!

Just then, my thoughts were interrupted by a presence behind me. I reeled around to come face to face with my sister, Charisse!

“I have finally found you!” Charisse exclaimed. “What are you doing here! Go home now! Forget about me!” I interrupted her words, admiring her ever-beautiful hair. “We are all so worried about you. Mother is terribly ill. Please come back with me, I beg you,” she cried, a lone tear slipped down her cheeks unguarded. I had never thought I meant anything to them.
From the corner of my eye, I saw the Amoricops chasing after us. I grabbed Charisse’s hand and catapulted forward, determination written all over my face as I scooted around the corner at the speed of light. I explained to her how I could not go back home. She was clearly bewildered. Just before the Amoricops caught up with us, I pushed her through the portal to the human world while I was repelled by the protective layer.
The Amoricops hauled me to the Amoris and I was sentenced to death. I was thrown into the zero filling pit where I would disintegrate into zeros and be gone forever.
     As I stared helplessly at my disintegrating body, tears lined my face; I missed my family dearly.
I’m sorry Charisse, but I had to save you. I had finally done something right…

Somebody (Who)~ Jake Yeo Xuan Kuang
                     ~  Charisse Yeo Xuan Le

Wanted (What) ~ To escape from the outside world

But (Conflict) ~ Jake met his sister and defied orders to help her escape from her imminent danger.

Then (What I did) ~ Jake saved his sister, pushing her through the portal but he was caught by police and died after that.

So (Resolution) ~ He spent the last few minutes thinking about how he had finally done something right.

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Ramirez's Creative Writing Task 2

The dark hallway lay before him.Mike was on his way to school in a good mood as he was excited to meet his friends again after the long school holidays.Thinking that nothing could bring him down, he walked through the dark hallway leading to the main road while whistling cheerfully.

In the middle of the hallway, Mike heard someone calling his name.So he turned around but saw nothing.Mike continued walking,feeling a bit uneasy.Suddenly,he felt a strong gust of wind, pushing against his skin.Now, he felt paranoid."What was that?" Mike trembled.He quickened his pace thinking that he needed to get out of the hallway immediately.In the corner of his eye,he saw a silhouette of an animal.Now he was really scared.Knowing that ghosts are not real,he told himself calmly that he was just imagining things.

The wind got stronger,whispers could be heard and the silhouette of the animal got larger and larger.Mike was trembling.He ran and ran but he tripped and fell on the ground.Out of the blue, the lights turned on.He saw that the only animal there was just an ordinary cat.

Mike realized that he had just scared himself by thinking that he was getting attacked.Mike learnt that ghosts are not real and that they are all in their imagination.He wished that he knew that ghosts were just in his imagination when he was scared out of his wits.

Creative Writing task 2

    The dark alleyway lay before Sarah, dark and intimidating. "This alleyway is safe, nothing to be afraid of," she said to herself, trying not to be spooked by its darkness. She hesitated. Slowly, step after step, she began to walk down the alleyway. Plastic crinkled under her footstep. "Hmph. Maybe this alleyway isn't so scary after all," Sarah said to herself.

     Sarah turned around and thought she saw a dark shadow move past her as wind gushed past her ear. "What was that?" Sarah mumbled, shivers starting to go down her spine. The night was closing in fast and she was far from home. Sarah said encouraging words to herself, trying to calm down.

    All of a sudden, Sarah thought that every shadow seemed darker, and every little noise seemed louder. A shriek was heard in the distance. Sarah began to palpitate and ran as if her life was on the line, running faster and faster, and at last took refuge behind a wall of cardboard boxes.

    Sarah wished she had listened to her parents who had warned her to never go walking in dark alleyways after noon.

English AA 1 by Nadia Rahman

Generation of Robots
 In the blinding white room, a doctor snipped off a piece of thread as finishes off the last stitch on the child's forehead. The child, Salana, had not shown a hint of displeasure as the forceps mercilessly probed through her brains and embedded the Programming Chip in one of its fleshy wrinkles. She, like the many other children before her, had stopped bawling the second the silvery threads had touched her. It was clear that its influence had crept into the crevices of her mind, eliminating the unnecessary emotion that provoked those tears.
 "I suppose, it'd be reasonable as long as Salana was still alright," Aidan thought. After all, he had promised that he would adore her no matter what the Programming Chip did. He stood up to thank the Doctor, who stood rigid and nauseated. Aidan wondered if it would be wise to perform such procedures while unwell.
 "I just thought her smile was too lovely to disappear," the Doctor muttered glumly, running his fingers through the silver of his hair. Aidan brushed off his words, scooping up little Salana. He was transfixed by the vermillion lock of hair that fell between her hypnotizing azure eyes, as if waiting for her to toss it back like she had done a million times before. However, her tubby hand never rose up to brush it away with her cherubic grin. There was no reason to.
 Within a few months, Salana's every move had become exquisitely dainty, nothing like the messy dances her hands did for any task. Her seraphic grins faded into a little flat line that rested on her pouty lips. Sometimes, Aidan would ponder on the fact that little girl was the same Salana who tugged on his sleeve so that they could play in the mud. Of course, those thoughts bolted to the dark as he remembered the Salana's generation was merely lucky enough to have the chance to enhance their minds. However, as Salana's thoughts crumbled to dust, he had to hope that the knot in his stomach was from his third bowl of soup and not regret.
 Soon, Aidan found himself hating the Cognac-coloured strands which twisted between her eyebrows. Salana was not there to tuck it behind her ear. There was just this… robot. Humans would respond to changes, but now Salana could only do what she was programmed to. She would only eat, study and sleep. Now, the emotions, they overwhelmed him. Waves of pain rippling with melancholy through his blood as his dull eyes took in the sight of the child. It seemed like the doctors felt the pain too. They had wielded the tools that ripped out the vibrant personalities of the children. The Doctor who treated Salana was often tucked away in his laboratory, with the rumors of him feeling particularly morose emotions floating around. As much as Aidan wanted to push away everything, this could go on no longer.
            Somehow, days later, Aidan found himself the blank white room again, whispering urgently to the Doctor. He had done something unforgivable, taking away a vital pawn in the game of life. Perhaps he would pay for what he had done, but for now, he was content. In his arms, a child tucked back a cerise lock of hair.

Creative Writing Task 2 by Jonah Choke

     The park lay before John. John, being a fit fourteen-year-old athlete, was just having his usual jog in the park. He always went in the morning where the air was crisp and cool. But today, he went at night. The park was a place where John could relieve his stress. He looked around him and could see many birds perched on trees and butterflies sucking nectar from flowers. He could hear the beautiful chirping of the birds. "This would surely be a very relaxing time in the park for a usual jog like this!" John said to himself.
     John was panting after jogging two rounds around the park. All of a sudden, he could hear the leaves swaying. He could see a shadow among the trees that was moving. There was much more swaying of the leaves that it started falling down from the tree branches.
     His heartbeat tripled, beating vehemently as he held his breath. Many thoughts raced through his head. His hands were getting clammier as he did not know what was  hiding in the trees. John's legs started trembling and immediately exited the park. 
     He wished that he had listened to his neighbours and friends which was not to go to the park late at night.

EL Alternative Assessment 1

The Rain

Wong Hong Ngai (24) S1-01

  "Boom!"Thunder rang across the sky, sending shivers down John's spine. He stood up and walked to the window, to find out whether it was raining. However, all he saw was smog and shadows of pedestrians. John sighed, wishing that he was in 2015 instead of 2095 when the sky was still blue. Raindrops started pattering against the window, however, instead of just rain, it was acid rain, caused by years of pollution. This time, however, John felt something different...
  As he looked through the window, he saw a man dissolve a mess of pink. Horrified, he backed away from the window just as the ground shook. Immediately, John rushed to the basement just as his apartment collapsed.
  "Creak..."The hatch to the basement slowly opened and a pair of watchful eyes looked around. After a while, John emerged from the basement. As he looked around, there were just skeletons of buildings left standing and other than those, there were nothing much left. Worried about his family in the next city, John decided to set off to look for them.
  While he walked down the empty streets, John's stomach started to growl. "Where could I find food?" He thought as he looked at a pile of rubber. Looking around, he saw a short, squat building still standing. Then, he realised what that building was: it was a supermarket! Feeling excited, he rushed in.
  As John surveyed the empty shelves, he realised that the supermarket had already been scavenged. Feeling discouraged, John decided to look somewhere else. Just as he was about to leave, the roof started crumbling and on instinct, he dived under the glass counter just as the ceiling collapsed.
  When the dust cleared, John was astounded to see the glass counter still in one piece. Looking at a label under the counter, he realised that the counter was titanium-reinforced, thus, it did not break. However, he heard the pattering of rain and before looking up, he knew he was in trouble.
  As time passed, the hissing of acid grew steadier and louder and John could almost smell the acid. Looking up again, he saw acid seeping through the concrete and dripping on the counter. As he braced himself for the worst, the pattering of rain and the hissing of acid stopped. Luckily, the glass did not dissolve.
  Leaving the safety of the glass counter, John wondered how he could leave the rubble. Having a brainwave, he kicked the weak spot in the rubble and without much effort, a hole was formed. As he slowly but nimbly climbed out of the hole, he wondered how was he going to get to the highway before it rains again.
  After a while of scavenging, John hit the jackpot. he found a hover-car that was still fully functional with the doors open and keys inside. John felt a pang of guilt when he started the engine. Quietly, he took off.
  While travelling down the highway, another clap of thunder made John step on the brakes. Taking a look at the sky, he saw lightning flash across the sky. John looked around frantically, but there was nowhere to hide. A raindrop fell from the sky...

Friday, 26 February 2016

EL Creative Writing Task 2

EL Creative Writing Task 2

By: Wong Hong Ngai (24) S1-01 25/1/16

  The dark, empty house lay before Mouse. "This should be a piece of cake!"He thought. Feeling confident, he decided to venture out of his mouse hole and look for food on the floor.
  As mouse ventured deeper into the house, he started having goosebumps. He passed a window, and a pair of evil little eyes flashed before it disappeared again. Paranoid, Mouse walked faster, and the wooden floorboards creaked, Mouse thought he heard purring behind his shoulder and turned around. However, there was nothing behind him. "Bah! I'm just imagining things," he told himself cheerfully. Mouse started to shiver a little, although it was summer.
  Suddenly, every reflective surface seemed to possess a pair of evil litlle eyes and creaking of the wooden floorboards seemed to come from every corner. Mouse scampered, he knew not where, and at last hid under a wooden counter where he stayed there shivering and wished that he had listened to his friends' advice not to go look for food at night.

Abigail Tan's Final AA (draft 5)

Abigail Tan
S1-01 (1)
03 February 2016
No. of words without SWBTS: 550
Draft 5 

       Reaching for the door, Jim, the mad scientist, wearing a laboratory coat and safety goggles, tried multitasking by opening the door and conducting an experiment at the same time. Mark, his assistant, who wore nerdy spectacles and a laboratory coat identical to Jim’s, was strapped to a chair as a test subject in the laboratory. It was Joe, Jim's brother, a farmer whose messy brown curls hung over his sky blue eyes. Nasty pests had wreaked havoc on his crops. Jim understood and saw it as a challenge to help his brother. Challenges were his middle name. "Yes! I will see to it and find a solution." 
    Excited, Jim fished out a pen, notepad and magnifying glass. The three of them went to inspect the ‘crime scene' in the sweltering afternoon heat. Plants were scattered all over the garden, not one surviving the attack. After observation, Jim grinned from ear to ear. He had been working for years on a superbug that could be used in this scenario. Joe sighed. He needed this to work. His career depended on it.
    Jim had genetically modified a bee, manipulating its genome using biotechnology. He changed the genetic makeup of the cells, as well as the transfer of genes to produce an improved organism. Jim added poisonous liquid in the superbug's body that will transfer to the pests that it stings. When the pests die, the decomposition serves as fertiliser for the plants.
    First, the trio replaced the damaged plants with new seeds. While waiting for the seeds to grow, Jim manufactured more of the superbugs to have enough. Jim released the superbugs and watched with a sense of pride and accomplishment as the superbugs scampered around, looking for pests. For a few weeks, Joe was delighted as his plants were growing better than before due to the superbugs killing the pests effectively. 
    However, Joe's happiness was short-lived. Joe found a sheep lying dead on the ground. Jim and Mark, who had experienced many failures before, were not disappointed but proceeded to check it out. Mark pointed at something next to the sheep. It was a superbug! It was feeding on the sheep's stomach. Mark also saw two little holes at the sheep's neck where it was bitten. When Joe and Jim went into the barn, Joe's jaw dropped. The superbugs were all over the barn, instead of the garden, feeding on Joe's cows. He was on the verge of fainting. It was too much loss for him to handle. Jim swiftly caught a few of the "drunk" superbugs and took them to the laboratory for further investigation. 
    Jim later found out that the blood of the pests affected the superbugs' programming and caused them to malfunction. He tweaked an antidote and fed it to the surviving cows; fingers crossed that his hypothesis was correct or Joe would yet again suffer loss. When the superbugs feasted on the cows, they were cured and re-modified by a relieved Jim. Blood would not affect them anymore. Jim still felt guilty that he had to use Joe’s materials because of miscalculation on his part.
    Not only did Jim manage to sell his invention of superbugs but also compensated for all the loss that he had caused Joe. He did it. He had won the bug war. 

    SWBTS: Jim wanted to help Joe kill pests but caused Joe's farm animals to die.
So he had to stop it, then fix the problem.

Abigail Tan's Creative Writing Task 2

Creative Writing 2
                 The dark eerie forest lay before Jane. The path through the forest was the quickest route home. Whistling a merry tune, Jane was relieved that school was over and home awaited her presence. "Hmm! I'm not afraid of the dark! Not me! Nothing shakes me." Jane told herself, brimming with confidence. She shook her fist to increase her confidence level.
                   At the corner of her eye, Jane thought she saw something dash from bush to bush. Oh no! She thought, it could not be a snake, could it? She had a phobia of snakes. White-eyed, she quickened her pace. When she was a safe distance away, she peeked cautiously behind.  The trees seemed to bow down to a long shadow before them. Jane broke out in a cold sweat as the shadow came closer. Beside her, a bush moved, then shook. Dusk was approaching, and Jane backed away, reassuring herself, "It is just a trick of the forest. I am not falling for it."
                   The bush seemed to have moved closer and was shaking ferociously. In the little beam of moonlight, a huge shadow surrounded the bush. At long last, the shaking ceased. A bunny hopped out. Jane, not thinking clearly, let out an ear piercing scream and fled. She ran, she knew not where, and found herself at the doorstep of her house.
                   Jane wished she had listened to her mother who had warned her of the evil things that lurked in the forest and never to take the forest path. 

Creative Writing Task 3

Creative Writing Task 3
By Elise

When I was a child, I well remember the time I did something that got me into trouble...

I was walking around the house, touching my nose or chin, pouting. I was desperate to do something, there was nothing to do except for the idle computer screen in the study room. I gave up thinking of something else to do and woke my computer from its sleep. I played and played until I sensed a gigantic figure before me.

"Elise, get to bed." My father sternly told me in his sergeant-like tone. I switched the screen so it was showing the desktop quickly in a bid to escape punishment, to show that I did not play, but he had seen through my act, and dragged me towards bed. I fell to my knees, tearing begging him, but he removed the power supply, and I had to get to bed... at two in the afternoon.

Entering my stark white room, with my bed in a corner, I looked around, trying to do whatever I could to stall time and get less sleep. I changed into my bed clothes as slow as possible, trudging to bed in the slowest speed I could manage with a heavy heart. I could only hear myself, the surroundings were all quiet. I lay in bed, finally falling into a troubled doze after much tossing and turning about.

Waking up to see myself in a dark room, I see the bright crescent moon hanging overhead in the sky. I hear faint sounds of car horns from the main road, but as I went back to sleep, I felt someone's warm hand. I thought it was just a hallucination, but the hand still held on tightly yet gently. In the darkness, that hand provided warmth to me...

"Ah!" It was as if I had woken up from a nightmare, but it wasn't. Who was that from last night? To this day, I am not sure.

Creative Writing Task 2

Creative Writing Task 2
By Elise

                   The nearby forest lay before Rae. She had to get home, but something in the forest seemed to invite Rae in. Deciding to explore, she confidently walked into the forest, walking astray from the pavement. "I'm not scared, this is nothing," Rae spoke to herself.

                    Rae delved deeper into the woods with each step. She wanted to know more about this forest. Its ambience was peaceful, giving Rae a sense of comfort. However, she could not help but be wary of something. Suddenly, Rae heard a swishing sound in the darkness. Rae, trying to keep her confidence, stood her ground and tried to carry on. However, her feet refused to move from their positions, and that swishing sound started again, this time louder than before. Rae had lost her sense of direction, unable to leave the forest at this time of night. She told herself, "It's probably just the leaves of trees swaying in the wind, it's nothing to be afraid of," she spoke that a little too soon, for she saw a fleeting ray of light dash across her path.
                      Rae started to shiver, her thoughts wavering. She started running, escaping from this nightmare. She wanted the comfort of her bed, but as she ran, the swishing sound seemed to be catching up with her, increasing in sound with every step. Red eyes appeared from nowhere, scaring her.

                      Letting out a scream of terror, Rae knew she should have listened to her friends, never to walk in the forest at night.

Alex's Final AA

Name:Alex Pai Yaoxing
Date/Time:Wednesday, 8:03p.m.
Title:My twin self(Final)
Word count:550

            Have you ever felt something was wrong with the universe?Have you ever felt like you do not belong in this world?If you do not, you are lucky because I have been feeling this way since I was born, I cannot describe this peculiar felling in words. After a few years, I was determined to find out why. Now, I am twenty. I was a successful student in MIT. I worked very hard to answer my burning question. I had very little friends and was glad because everyone, even my mother was foreign to me. After a few more months, a series of disturbing events started. My life changed forever.
           I was looking at the mirror in my room, getting ready for school.When I raised up my right hand, the person in the mirror, also lifted up his right hand. I was so shocked that I jumped ten feet. The person in the mirror remained standing there looking at me as if intrigued by what he just saw. My heart started beating fast, I could not breathe, I could not believe my eyes. Suddenly the mirror blurred then exploded into a dozen pieces. I sat on the bed and tried to comprehend what just happened.
            Suddenly like lightning, it struck me that my universe had collided with a parallel universe.When it collided, it created an anomaly that resulted in me being being my parallel self. I could not believe the Drake equation is accurate. It dawned upon to me that I had to report this unexplainable phenomenon to the professors at MIT.
            "Are you serious,"The professors laughed at me. I could not believe that they were laughing at me, I just walked away, with my head held low.
             When I reached home, I found out the mirror that exploded this morning was back into one piece. What was more surprising that I was looking at my parallel self which was totally opposite to me. I was so thin that you could almost see my bones and not muscular, but he was very muscular, and he was in a different house.
             "Hi,"we both said at the same time.We were direct opposites, yet we were similar in many ways. We had the same strange feeling, and had the same eye colour, but that was it.His name was Alex Goode, but my name was Alex Pai.
              For the next few years, we tried to figure out to get to our universe to prove the professors wrong, that parallel universe did exist. Finally at 21st May 2069, we figured it out. We created a wormhole now we can go to our world. I had butterflies in my stomach, excited to get back to my own universe. My parallel self looked as nervous as me.
              "5,4,3,2,1,go!"we ran into the mirror at the same time. I had just entered a wormhole. The hole was disorientated, and it dawned upon me that we had just made a dire mistake in our calculation.The wormhole was collapsing on us, I closed my eyes and when I opened my eye again, blackness surrounded me. I kept floating into oblivion, feeling this sense of peace I had never experienced before, never to be seen again...

Emmanuel Alternative Assessment Final Draft

Emmanuel Chew Rongzhu (10)
27/02/2016 1040
530 words
      John's heart rate doubled. Beads of perspiration trickled down his face. He had one chance. One chance to destroy it. He felt his muscles tense as he readied himself to strike…
" …I have always been fascinated with Einstein's famous theory, E=MC^2. Now, after 30 years of studying this theory, after much trial and error, we have created a machine that can convert matter into power. With this marvellous invention, we can solve many of the world's power problems. We will no longer need to worry about having not enough power shortages. Thank You." John finished his speech at the International Inventors Conference 2016. They had invited him to showcase his work at the conference in Las Vegas.
     John went to his hotel room during his break.
     " John I am going out to…erm… get something. I will be back soon. Sorry. " Tom said nervously as he left the room.
     " Okay. Wait. What? Did you just say sorry?"
     But Tom had already left. Tom was John's assistant. He was short, had brown hair and eyes. He was also one of John's best friends and had been instrumental in the making of the machine. 
     John gazed at the machine, smiling at the thought of it. The fruits of his and Tom's labour had ripened. Now no one would have to worry about power shortages anymore. All thanks to this wonderful machine that John and Tom had spent so much energy on. The machine was about the size of a mini fridge. It had a hole the size of an A4 sized paper. When something was put in, it will be converted into a large amount of electricity. He would not have to pay his electricity bills anymore.
    “Boom! ”
     The hotel door flew open. Two tall and masculine men rushed in. Their short sleeves wrapped around their massive arms like a tourniquet. Their noses were shaped like erasers. The men were led by a short person wearing a ski mask who was about the same height as Tom. Luckily Tom was not around. At least, Tom is safe. 
     “ Carry the machine out and take the blueprints. Let's Go!” The leader shouted at them.
“Oh no. If this machine fell into the wrong hands, who knows what will happen. They might be terrorists. The safety of the United States and possibly the world could be at stake. I must destroy the machine. But how could I. Tom and I spent so much time and energy working on the machine. Is destroying my life’s work for the sake of others really worth it?” He thought.
      John grabbed a hammer from his toolkit and ran towards the machine. He felt his muscles tense as he readied himself to strike. He closed his eyes. Goodbye, my wonderful machine. One hit was all it took. The machine came crashing down. It’s worth it.
John turned around. They were gone. So were the blueprints. The leader had dropped a watch. Similar to the one Tom always carried around. The one John had given to Tom for his birthday three years ago. It even had Tom’s initials on it. Then John realised it. Tom was the short person.


This story is about John(somebody), who invented a machine that converts tiny amounts of matter and to a lot of power. His assistant, Tom comes with two men to steal the machine and the blueprints(wanted). John destroys the machine(but) but the blueprints were stolen(so).

Daniel's English AA final

Alien in the forest

Quay Genk Swee Daniel (S1-01)              
 3 Feb 2016
Alien in the forest

The year was 2516, and the earth was mostly barren because of global warming.Food was expensive and scarce.Many people preferred to get their food by hunting than buying.John was one of them.He is an easy-going man, having fuzzy black hair.He set off to a nearby forest to hunt for food.Hours passed, and John finally reached there. The forest was lush and green, with the air surrounding it smelling fresh.
       John walked deeper into the forest, looking for animals he could hunt down and eat.The smell of rotting wood was prominent.So far, all he saw was big trunks of trees.Time passed by, and the sun was setting.John was unhappy with the fact that he caught nothing, and would go home empty handed.He decided to go home.
       After a few hours, John realised that he was back to where he started! He started getting afraid. He was lost! He had not brought any food or water with him. The more he thought about it, the more panicky he got. The sun had set hours ago, and it was going to be pitch dark.
      Just then, John heard the rustling of leaves behind him. John thought who it could be. He turned around and saw himself face to face with a strange creature. It had an enormously menacing face and a neon green head. It had two big black eyes and scales on its body. It had two arms, two legs, and claws at the end of its hands too.It said in a robotic voice, “Please surrender yourself, human, or I will have to resort to unimaginable and painful ways to prevent you from escaping.”
      John could tell that the creature did not come from the planet Earth. The creature was an alien! Fortunately, he knew exactly what to do as he recalled how his father had taught him on escaping from predators when he was ten years old. He took to his heels and ran as fast as he could.
      John ran with all his might. He saw the alien running swiftly. However, John did not see the rock protruding out of the ground. He tripped on hitting the rock and fell. The alien easily caught up with John. Lying on the ground, he knew that there was no escape.He was a bundle of nerves.
     Suddenly, at that very moment, the sun rose! The alien started to shriek and groan! John realised that the alien was melting away! All that was left of the alien was a thick puddle of goo and a compass inside it. He thanked his lucky stars and could not believe what had happened. Thankfully, he knew how to use a compass. Without hesitation, he used the compass to lead him out of the forest. To his amazement, he was out of the forest within a few minutes. He was overjoyed and dashed towards home. He kept the compass in his slightly torn pocket and felt a sense of gratitude towards the alien. Though it had frightened him, he had helped him to get out of the forest safely. What a terrifying but unforgettable experience for John!

Alex's Creative Writing Task 2

               The long windy deserted road lay before him. Dog was walking on the dark and deserted road looking for something to eat. He was an alpha male but was not familiar with these roads. Still, he walked confidently, chest held high and chin rose as if he owned that stretch of road. He continued walking down the road when suddenly he thought he saw something. "This was all fun and excitement and beside I am an alpha male,"Dog barked confidently, enjoying himself.
               Suddenly, a shadow ran past him. He turned to face the shadow to find out that it vanished. He continued walking, aware there was something or someone following him. His heart started beating fast and his tail was between his legs. He snapped out of thought and told himself, "I am strong and agile, no one can hurt me. I am an alpha male, the most strongest of all."
               The shadow was getting bigger and seemed to be closing in on him as the sun slowly rise from the horizon. He panicked and ran, he know not where, running as far as his legs could take him . The shadow seemed to be following him. He barked in fright and continued running.He ran to a nearby shad to hide, shivering in fright.
               He wished he had listened to his brother who told him not to go onto the long windy deserted road.

Lucas Yu AA Write Up

The Escape
Name: Lucas Yu
Class: S1-01

Run…run…I told myself…
  Hi, my name is John.Not to sound too cocky ,but I’m nothing like you’ve seen before.I was made on purpose, by the most horrible scientists you could probably imagine.They created me as an experiment, where I ended up 98% human.The other two percent makes a very big difference.Let me tell you…
  I grew up in a science lab/prison called the School, in cages, like lab rats.It’s pretty amazing that I can think or speak at all.But I can—and so much more.
  There was also another School experiment that made it past infancy.Part human, part wolf—all predator.They’re buff, intelligent and hard to control.They look human, but they are capable of morphing into wolf-men, complete with fur, jaws and paws.The School uses them as guards, police men and executioners.To them, I am a moving target —prey smart enough to be a fun challenge.They want to rip my throat out and make sure the world never finds out about me...
                                                      John—Welcome to my nightmare.

  The funny thing about facing impending death is that it snaps everything into perspective.Take right now, for example.Run!Come on, run!You know you can do it! I gulped deep lungfuls of air.My brain was on hyperdrive; I was running for my life.My one aim was to run away.Nothing else was more important.
  My arms being scratched to strings by a bush I’d just run through? No biggie.
  My bare legs hitting every sharp rock, rough root, pointed stick? Not a problem.
  My lungs gasping for air? I could manage.
As long as I could put the most amount of space between the Erasers and me.
  Yeah, Erasers.Mutants:half-men,half-wolves,usually armed, always bloodthirsty.
Right now, they were after me.
  See?That snaps everything into context.I’d never been this far from the school before.
I was utterly lost.Still, my arms swung by my sides ,my feet crushed through the forest,my eyes scanned ahead anxiously into the half-light.I could outrun them.If only I could find a clearing with enough space for me to…
  Oh, no...The unearthly baying of bloodhounds on the scent wailed through the trees, and I felt sick.
  I could outrun men, but I could never outrun a big dog.
Dogs, dogs go away let me live for another day.
  They were getting closer.
Dim light filtered in through the forest in front of me— a clearing?Please…a clearing could save me.
  I burst through the trees, chest panting ,a thin sheen of cold perspiration on my skin.
  No—oh, no!
I skidded to a halt, arms waving, my feet backpedaling in the rocky dirt.
  It wasn’t a clearing.In front of me, was a sheer face of rock that dragged to an unseeable floor hundreds of feet below.
  In the woods, drooling bloodhounds and psycho Erasers with guns awaited me.The dogs were yelping excitedly—they’d found their prey: me.
  I looked over the deadly drop.There was no choice.
  You would have done the same thing.
I closed my eyes shut ,stretched out my arms…and let myself rocket down the edge of the cliff.
  The Erasers screamed angrily, the dogs barked maniacally, and then all I could hear was the sound of air whistling past me.
  It was so peaceful, for a second, I smiled.
Then, taking a deep breath, I unfurled my wings as hard and fast as I could.
  Yes, you heard me: wings.Four metres across, pale tan with white streaks and some freckly looking hazelnut spots they caught the air and I was suddenly pulled upwards ,as if a parachute had just opened.
  Wincing, I pushed downward with all my might, then pulled my wings up, then pushed downwards again.Oh my, I was flying—just like I had always dreamed.
  The cliff floor, draped in shadow, receded beneath me.
I laughed and surged upwards feeling the pull of my pectoral muscles, the air rushing through my secondary feathers, the breeze drying the perspiration on my face. I soared upwards, past the cliff edge, past the shocked hounds and the fuming Erasers. One of them, hairy-faced, fangs drooling, raised his gun.A red dot appeared on my torn pajamas.
  Not this day, you fool, I thought, veering sharply to the west the sun would be in his hate-crazed eyes.
  I just survived another day of my messed-up life.
Reuben Ng (17)  S1-01

Creative writing task 3

           When I was a child I well remember playing with a ball in the house.i was throwing it around and kicking it.Then I threw the ball up and instead of dropping back into my hands,it dropped into the fish tank.”Plok!”My parents were around at that time, and they scolded me.They immediately send me to bed, and I cried, trying to act cute.But they did not care, and I walked in reluctantly.

          When I was inside, it was still 2 pm only and was very bright.I tried to go to the toilet multiple times and my parents found out my plan and told m that if I stepped out of the room one more time, I would get canned.So I reluctantly and quietly went to bed.The sound from the television booming, the blazing hot sun was cooking me.It was still very bright and hot.After awhile, unknowingly, I fell into a troubled doze.

          When I woke up, the room was covered in darkness then, I felt something, a hand, holding my arm.I was pretty frightened.I have always been afraid of the darkness and always thought that monsters will come out in the dark.Now, it has become true.I just quickly hid under the blanket and quickly fell asleep. 

          Waking up the next morning, I was still unsure about the mysterious hand that held mine through my troubled night.Till this day, I am still unsure.

Jeffrey Lim (12) Alternative Assessment Essay

Alternative Assessment Short Story

Name: Jeffrey Lim
Class: S1-01
Title: Back From The Dead
Word Count: 550

  The twins, Grant and Graham, were handlers in a theme park, dinosaur handlers. Thier job was dangerous, but the result was extremely rewarding as they experience a twelve-hour adrenaline rush. Scientists have discovered a way to create dinosaurs using extremely advanced biotechnology. By combining multiple breeds together, they can create any species of dinosaurs. Recently, scientists created another species; it was fierce and lightning fast, The twins were tasked to feed it regularly.
  It was feeding time, when things got serious. The doors of the 'cage' opened. Grant and Graham drove in slowly with a truck, carrying huge chunks of meat. Grant drove on and Graham, being his usual timid self, kept asking his brother to stop as close to the entrance as possible, just to feel safer. Grant eventually stopped, probably feeling that he had spooked his brother enough. He hopped out of the van with his brother, and carefully laid the meat on the floor and left.
  However, something was amiss. After a long time, the dinosaur still had not come to have its meal. It was strange, knowing how sharp its sense of smell is. Could it be full? It did mot even have breakfast! The brothers, accompanied by some experts, ran through all the CCTV cameras in search for it, but it was nowhere to be found. The brothers went in again, opening the gates and crept inside. The meat was gone! They ventured in deeper and deeper until they found a half eaten chunk of meat. it took them a second to realize the gargantuan beast hiding amongst the trees right in front of them.
  "AHHH!" they shrieked and sped towards the exit.
  "Close the gates!" they hollered. Grant took a glance behind him, only to find the dinosaur right on their tails. Upon hearing their screams, one of the theme park staff members spammed on the button, hoping to close the gates right on the dinosaur. However, their efforts were futile. The dinosaur smashed through the gates right before it closed, destroying it completely. Pandemonium struck, everyone was shrieking like banshees. A team armed with heavy artillery that was specially made to drug the dinosaur and cause it to go unconscious was sent. When the team arrived, the dinosaur was gone. The twins then accompanied the team in the search. It was difficult searching for the dinosaur, a big theme park, chaos everywhere. After a relentless search, they finally found the dinosaur in another cage. The team then took aim and fired darts at the beast, but it did nothing but to get its attention. The dinosaur turned and looked at them, sending shivers down their spine. Without a warning, it lashed out. Biting some of the team members, killing them with one huge chomp. It slaughtered dozens, wiping out almost the entire team. Then it went straight for Graham. He screamed. The dinosaur grabbed him by the heels and was about to gulp him down when Grant stabbed a spear down its heart. The beast collapsed to the ground. Paramedics streamed down and got to work. Finally, the ordeal was over and both twins managed to survive while suffering superficial injuries only. It was a terrifying experience for the twins, especially Graham.