Thursday, 25 February 2016

Emmanuel Chew(10) Creative writing task 2

   Emmanuel Chew creative writing task 2
  The dark and spooky alley lay before John. “ I can do this.” John said to himself. He had lost a bet and now he had to cross the alley or he would not get his lucky hat back. “It's just a pathway. There’s no ghost anywhere.” The light grew less as he walked forward. “ This is fun! This is a new an experience for me! No sweat. I mean I am already ten years old.”
     Then, John heard rustling. His heart rate doubled. Beads of respiration trickled down his temples. John looked at a window, a pear of evil little eyes stared at him. It was getting darker and he still had two blocks to walk. John told himself to stop imagining things.
     Every window, far and near seemed to possess a pair of little evil eyes. They seemed to be winking. He panicked. John closed his eyes and ran.

      John regretted taking on the bet and wished he had listened to his parents who had warned him about taking bets.

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