Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sian Yin's AA final

Name: Tan Sian Yin (05) Class: S1-01 Date and Time: 27 January 2016

Title: Final (Let Me Go)  Number of words: 501

“Yes. I agree to surrender myself to the virtual world,” I confirmed, stepping through the doors of transformation. I was never going back to the living hell. “You have never done anything right in your life!” I had been reminded time and again. I could never compare to my sister. She aced in her studies, did all the right things while I was just a failure in my parent’s and her eyes. Now, I will change their minds. I surrender.

As I stepped through the doors, I felt myself transforming into ones and zeros, and finally, I was free from the cruel outside world, free from the torments of my parents and their cold stares.
The virtual world was taking over the real world. The avatar leaders in the game called the Amoris wanted to rule over the humans. However, not many were willing to become permanent avatars. Being the first few “Transformers”, I was tasked to coax humans into walking through the doors of transformation. Once you went through those doors, it was a point of no return; you would become one of us.
 For the first month, I had been working relentlessly, tricking humans through those innocent doors. However, I was getting tired. And I was wrong; I was a slave to the Amoris. I did not even get the freedom that I used to have.
 “Jake, this is the new list of recruitments.  You better get it done soon, or else...”  I took a dreaded look at the list and saw a familiar name: ‘Charisse Yeo’.  I could not believe my eyes! Could it be my sister?  She never played games!

Just then, my thoughts were interrupted by a presence behind me. I reeled around to come face to face with my sister, Charisse!

“I have finally found you!” Charisse exclaimed. “What are you doing here! Go home now! Forget about me!” I interrupted her words, admiring her ever-beautiful hair. “We are all so worried about you. Mother is terribly ill. Please come back with me, I beg you,” she cried, a lone tear slipped down her cheeks unguarded. I had never thought I meant anything to them.
From the corner of my eye, I saw the Amoricops chasing after us. I grabbed Charisse’s hand and catapulted forward, determination written all over my face as I scooted around the corner at the speed of light. I explained to her how I could not go back home. She was clearly bewildered. Just before the Amoricops caught up with us, I pushed her through the portal to the human world while I was repelled by the protective layer.
The Amoricops hauled me to the Amoris and I was sentenced to death. I was thrown into the zero filling pit where I would disintegrate into zeros and be gone forever.
     As I stared helplessly at my disintegrating body, tears lined my face; I missed my family dearly.
I’m sorry Charisse, but I had to save you. I had finally done something right…

Somebody (Who)~ Jake Yeo Xuan Kuang
                     ~  Charisse Yeo Xuan Le

Wanted (What) ~ To escape from the outside world

But (Conflict) ~ Jake met his sister and defied orders to help her escape from her imminent danger.

Then (What I did) ~ Jake saved his sister, pushing her through the portal but he was caught by police and died after that.

So (Resolution) ~ He spent the last few minutes thinking about how he had finally done something right.

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