Thursday, 25 February 2016

Tan Sian Yin - Creative Writing 3

  When I was a child, I well remember how I went out to play even though it was raining.  I had seen how kids my age played outside in the rain in the television commercials.  I thought that it would be fun.  My mother came and reprimanded me, sending me to bed even though it was only in the afternoon.  I apologised many times immediately and tried to convince her that I would not do it again - an excuse that I had given so many times.  Being my mother, she did not give in.

  I danced around in the room doing random stretches and jumped on the bed before finally tucking myself into bed.  Filled with boredom, I thought about what I should do in my room.  Without any ideas, I started to stare at the square lights and fell asleep reluctantly.

  I slowly opened my eyes.  It was dark and I reached for my alarm clock.  I pushed a button and immediately '12:55' lighted up.  All of a sudden, I heard a faint noise on the floor.  I pulled open the covers and slowly looked at the floor.  Suddenly, a huge wet and rough tongue licked my face eagerly.  

  In shock, I hid myself under the covers and finally slept.  Waking up the next morning, I wondered whose tongue that was.  Could it have been a monster?  Till this day, I am still not sure.

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