Thursday, 25 February 2016

Wei Hsuen's creative task 3

       When I was a child, I well remembered myself going to the playground nearby and took water from the water cooler and pouring it down the slide, wetting it. My mother saw it with her sharp eagle eyes and immediately shouted at me and send me to bed at 2pm. Hearing that, i immediately fell to my knees, begging her with the best innocent face I could make, and not send me back to bed at 2pm in this warm and sunny afternoon. Being a responsible mother, she held my hand and sent me back to my room.
        In my room, the sun shone in as children's laughter could be heard. I walked into the toilet and walked around inside, trying to kill as much time as possible. That bed which used to be so welcoming at night, lay at the corner of the room innocently, waiting for me to get between its sheets.Sighing, I got between its sheets, closed my eyes as I fell asleep. 
        Panting heavily, I suddenly opened my two large eyes. faint sounds of screaking and scratching could be heard as my sharp ears picked up the unusual sounds. My eyes frantically looked around the room in search of its origin. My soft pants could be heard as my hands turned clammy and sweat dripped down my forehead. I tried to find out who made the sounds but to no avail.
       Waking up, I looked around to realised whatever was watching my sleep yesterday had disappeared. Until today, I still wonder what happened that night. 

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