Sunday, 28 February 2016

Jonah Choke's Final AA

Name & Reg: Jonah Choke/13
Class: S1-01
Title: Science Fiction Short Story(Final)

                                                       The Power of the Cloak

    “John, where do you want to eat later?” I questioned him. “I think I will have my lunch at the canteen as I cannot resist my hunger,” he answered as he stirred the mixture. We agreed on eating there. We were working on a mixture that helps plants grow taller than usual.

    As we entered the canteen, we saw many people eating. To our surprise, our favourite stall was the stall with the shortest line. Delighted, we made our way to the back of the queue. We dashed to the only table that was vacant. We were eating when all of a sudden, the siren went off.

    It was followed by an announcement stating that an animal hybrid, capable of doing almost everything, has escaped from its cage and told everyone to make their way out of the building without panicking.

    For a moment, silence reigned. Utter silence.

    Out of the blue, everyone started running like mad dogs. There was no exception for John and me. To our utmost horror, we realised that there was only one way out of the building - the main entrance. It was the furthest exit from us. We tried to squeeze our way through the massive crowd. Suddenly. I thought of another way to reach the exit.

    John agreed upon that route. We walked at our fastest pace. Suddenly, I heard a low menacing growl. I turned around and saw a horrifying creature right before my eyes. It was the hybrid!

    We ran at a speed that could shame a cheetah. The hybrid gave chase. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a room labelled “Special Projects”. It was the only room along the aisle, thus, we went inside.

    We scanned the room briefly. The room was vacant. I scanned the room again when something caught attention. It was a cloak that was tucked in the corner of the room. I find it weird as there would be a cloak inside an empty room. Many thoughts raced through my mind. Curiosity had gotten the better of me. I went towards it and picked it up.

    Just as I picked it up, a note dropped. It stated that when the cloaking device was active, light deflects around the object and the object becomes invisible.I found an “ON” button and pressed it. My hand had “vanished”! It was the coolest device I had ever seen. We could hear the hybrid approaching the room. Without thinking twice, I put the cloak on John and myself. It entered the room.

    It scanned the room slowly. Our hands were clammy. It did not see us! We heaved sighs of relief. It was about to exit the room when it turned back again! It had detected our scent in the room! We were very sure that we were doomed this time. We walked out of the science building wobbly- the place where we worked in.

     Out of the blue, some scientists entered the room. They shot it with papaverine injection, and it collapsed to the ground almost immediately. They brought it to a much stronger cage this time.

    The cloak has indeed saved our lives. The power of the coat is indescribable.

Somebody: John and I
Wanted: to eat lunch peacefully
But: an animal hybrid has escaped
So: they shot with papaverine injection to make it fall asleep
Then: it was brought back to a stronger cage.

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