Thursday, 25 February 2016

Creative Writing Tasks 3 by Kevin

Writing task 3:
              When I was a child, I well remember...I was in the kitchen, looking at my grandmother boiling water at the kettle. Being mischievous, I went up close and stuck my fingers to the kettle. My grandmother grasped in shock and immediately applied medicine as I endured the pain. I was reprimanded and regretted not listening to my parents' advise. I tried to avoid being put to bed, thought of all kinds of excuses, but to no avail.
               I was sent to bed, the howling of the wind and rays of sunshine making it hard to sleep. Staring at the big cosy squarish room, I descended into a deep sleep.
               I woke up to a dark room, I heard sounds of something moving. I turned my head slowly. A furry creature with two big eyes stared at me. My heart skipped a beat, the creature purred gently. After a few minutes, I slowly ignored it and my eyelids started to droop...
               Waking up the next morning, I wondered, 'Who came into my room last night?' Till this day, the mystery is still unsolved.

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