Thursday, 25 February 2016

Ramirez's Creative Writing Task 3 (20)

When I was a child, I well remember that I used to secretly eat the snacks my parents do not allow me to eat.One day, I was caught, and my mom told me that I had to stay in the room for the whole afternoon.I Looked at her teary-eyed begging her not to punish me.But, she insisted on the punishment

   I stood on the bed jumping up and down to kill time.And every once in a while, I would drop on the bed to pretend that I was sleeping everytime my mom entered my dirty room.The ceiling fan was creaky, almost as if it was about to fall.Finally, I fell asleep.

   After hours of uncomfortable sleep, I woke up in a dark room with cold gusts of wind flowing through the room.I scanned the surroundings and saw something moving.I was scared out of my wits.I hid under the covers, hoping the lights would turn on.And suddenly, the lights turned on.It turned out that I was just dreaming.I wondered,”Who or what was that?”.Up to this day, the mystery is still unsolved.

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