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El AA Final Elrond Hu Kangsheng

Elrond Hu Kangsheng
Apollo 14(Final)

    Shocking, chaotic and luck are the only words that can describe the experiences the astronauts on Apollo 14 encountered.
   Everyone said their farewells as they climbed the steel steps to the Rocketship, Apollo 14. Once all four of them- Luke, Paul, John and Mike had entered Apollo 14, they were approved for take off by Mission Control.
   As they exited Earth, there was a violent jerk. Like it was his first instinct, Mike went to check what had happened. It was revealed that the thrust engines had gone haywire and they were now on collision course with the sun!
   The sun was like a gigantic, red, fiery, fireball. Luke shuddered as he thought disturbingly that the space shuttle would vaporise into thin air due to the sheer heat without even coming close to the Sun.
   The Team Leaders, Luke and Paul kept as cool as a cucumber as they thought of an emergency plan.

     There was pin drop silence until, Luke thought of an idea and
shouted out orders, "Paul contact Mission Control and ask them
about information on any small meteorites in our course!"

    Essentially he wanted to make use Newton's Third Law, which states that any object travelling in a straight line would continue in that direction unless acted upon by an external force. So Luke's plan was to have a small meteorite hit the tip of Apollo 14 so that it could tilt Apollo 14 on course to Earth to make an emergency crash landing in the Pacific Ocean as they did not have enough fuel left to reach Mercury

    Soon Paul got information about a meteorite, meteorite 1337,
that would collide with them in twenty minutes.
   Once it was five minutes away, Luke ordered everyone to
adopt a brace position. "Brace brace brace!" Luke shouted. Not long later, the sheer impact of the meteorite almost ripped off Apollo 14's tip. If it were not for the heavy armour, the top of Apollo 14 would have been a distant memory.
    However the impact also tilted Apollo 14 a full one hundred and eighty degrees so that it was now on course with earth for the emergency crash landing.
    As they entered Earth's atmosphere, they could feel the gravity
pulling on them like a wild horse. Even though Luke was a highly
skilled astronaut, even he needed lots of luck to get the emergency
parachute to come out at the correct time and angle.

    Everyone turned on their emergency oxygen supply built into their suits as they reached the Ocean. The whole ship was shaking violently.
 Then, it crashed into the deep azure blue water of the Pacific

   "Ouch, what happened?" Luke said sleepily. "Don't worry," a voice answered him. "Your team is safe."

What:Luke wanted his team to be the first humans to step onto
Mercury, the nearest planet to the Sun
But:The thrust engines fail and they are now on collision course with
the sun.
So:They contact Mission Control and get information about a small
meteorite that will hit the tip of Apollo 14 so that it is tilted back onto
course with the Earth, so that they can make an emergency crash
landing on Earth.

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