Saturday, 27 February 2016

Creative Writing Task 2 by Jonah Choke

     The park lay before John. John, being a fit fourteen-year-old athlete, was just having his usual jog in the park. He always went in the morning where the air was crisp and cool. But today, he went at night. The park was a place where John could relieve his stress. He looked around him and could see many birds perched on trees and butterflies sucking nectar from flowers. He could hear the beautiful chirping of the birds. "This would surely be a very relaxing time in the park for a usual jog like this!" John said to himself.
     John was panting after jogging two rounds around the park. All of a sudden, he could hear the leaves swaying. He could see a shadow among the trees that was moving. There was much more swaying of the leaves that it started falling down from the tree branches.
     His heartbeat tripled, beating vehemently as he held his breath. Many thoughts raced through his head. His hands were getting clammier as he did not know what was  hiding in the trees. John's legs started trembling and immediately exited the park. 
     He wished that he had listened to his neighbours and friends which was not to go to the park late at night.

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