Thursday, 25 February 2016

Creative writing task 3 (22) Peng Kiang

  When I was a child, I well remember during the evening, I fought with my sister for a jar of water.I also nudged her a few times resulting in her crying. Out of the blue, my father appeared and pushed me into my room.
  I tried to push back but my father's strength was too much. The room only had a bed and a few toys. It was painted with pale white walls with only a printer.There were only shirts and books in the wooden cupboard. I tried to sleep but it felt like a burden.Only cars and the megaphone from the sports school could be heard from afar.I felt my throat getting dryer every second.It seemed like an eternity.Unknowingly, I slept.
  At night, I woke up and it seemed like an abyss.A glimpse of light appeared before vanquishing. A mysterious figure appeared before my eyes.I tried not to sleep to mesmerize myself with the fluffy object.I did not provoke it and it stayed with me for the whole night.
  My head throbbed and my chest popped up as if on a cue, to see the glorious rays of sunlight.Until today, I still do not know who accompanied me through the night.

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