Saturday, 27 February 2016

Creative Writing task 2

    The dark alleyway lay before Sarah, dark and intimidating. "This alleyway is safe, nothing to be afraid of," she said to herself, trying not to be spooked by its darkness. She hesitated. Slowly, step after step, she began to walk down the alleyway. Plastic crinkled under her footstep. "Hmph. Maybe this alleyway isn't so scary after all," Sarah said to herself.

     Sarah turned around and thought she saw a dark shadow move past her as wind gushed past her ear. "What was that?" Sarah mumbled, shivers starting to go down her spine. The night was closing in fast and she was far from home. Sarah said encouraging words to herself, trying to calm down.

    All of a sudden, Sarah thought that every shadow seemed darker, and every little noise seemed louder. A shriek was heard in the distance. Sarah began to palpitate and ran as if her life was on the line, running faster and faster, and at last took refuge behind a wall of cardboard boxes.

    Sarah wished she had listened to her parents who had warned her to never go walking in dark alleyways after noon.

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