Friday, 26 February 2016

Alex's Creative Writing Task 2

               The long windy deserted road lay before him. Dog was walking on the dark and deserted road looking for something to eat. He was an alpha male but was not familiar with these roads. Still, he walked confidently, chest held high and chin rose as if he owned that stretch of road. He continued walking down the road when suddenly he thought he saw something. "This was all fun and excitement and beside I am an alpha male,"Dog barked confidently, enjoying himself.
               Suddenly, a shadow ran past him. He turned to face the shadow to find out that it vanished. He continued walking, aware there was something or someone following him. His heart started beating fast and his tail was between his legs. He snapped out of thought and told himself, "I am strong and agile, no one can hurt me. I am an alpha male, the most strongest of all."
               The shadow was getting bigger and seemed to be closing in on him as the sun slowly rise from the horizon. He panicked and ran, he know not where, running as far as his legs could take him . The shadow seemed to be following him. He barked in fright and continued running.He ran to a nearby shad to hide, shivering in fright.
               He wished he had listened to his brother who told him not to go onto the long windy deserted road.

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