Friday, 26 February 2016

Emmanuel Alternative Assessment Final Draft

Emmanuel Chew Rongzhu (10)
27/02/2016 1040
530 words
      John's heart rate doubled. Beads of perspiration trickled down his face. He had one chance. One chance to destroy it. He felt his muscles tense as he readied himself to strike…
" …I have always been fascinated with Einstein's famous theory, E=MC^2. Now, after 30 years of studying this theory, after much trial and error, we have created a machine that can convert matter into power. With this marvellous invention, we can solve many of the world's power problems. We will no longer need to worry about having not enough power shortages. Thank You." John finished his speech at the International Inventors Conference 2016. They had invited him to showcase his work at the conference in Las Vegas.
     John went to his hotel room during his break.
     " John I am going out to…erm… get something. I will be back soon. Sorry. " Tom said nervously as he left the room.
     " Okay. Wait. What? Did you just say sorry?"
     But Tom had already left. Tom was John's assistant. He was short, had brown hair and eyes. He was also one of John's best friends and had been instrumental in the making of the machine. 
     John gazed at the machine, smiling at the thought of it. The fruits of his and Tom's labour had ripened. Now no one would have to worry about power shortages anymore. All thanks to this wonderful machine that John and Tom had spent so much energy on. The machine was about the size of a mini fridge. It had a hole the size of an A4 sized paper. When something was put in, it will be converted into a large amount of electricity. He would not have to pay his electricity bills anymore.
    “Boom! ”
     The hotel door flew open. Two tall and masculine men rushed in. Their short sleeves wrapped around their massive arms like a tourniquet. Their noses were shaped like erasers. The men were led by a short person wearing a ski mask who was about the same height as Tom. Luckily Tom was not around. At least, Tom is safe. 
     “ Carry the machine out and take the blueprints. Let's Go!” The leader shouted at them.
“Oh no. If this machine fell into the wrong hands, who knows what will happen. They might be terrorists. The safety of the United States and possibly the world could be at stake. I must destroy the machine. But how could I. Tom and I spent so much time and energy working on the machine. Is destroying my life’s work for the sake of others really worth it?” He thought.
      John grabbed a hammer from his toolkit and ran towards the machine. He felt his muscles tense as he readied himself to strike. He closed his eyes. Goodbye, my wonderful machine. One hit was all it took. The machine came crashing down. It’s worth it.
John turned around. They were gone. So were the blueprints. The leader had dropped a watch. Similar to the one Tom always carried around. The one John had given to Tom for his birthday three years ago. It even had Tom’s initials on it. Then John realised it. Tom was the short person.


This story is about John(somebody), who invented a machine that converts tiny amounts of matter and to a lot of power. His assistant, Tom comes with two men to steal the machine and the blueprints(wanted). John destroys the machine(but) but the blueprints were stolen(so).

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