Friday, 26 February 2016

Alex's Final AA

Name:Alex Pai Yaoxing
Date/Time:Wednesday, 8:03p.m.
Title:My twin self(Final)
Word count:550

            Have you ever felt something was wrong with the universe?Have you ever felt like you do not belong in this world?If you do not, you are lucky because I have been feeling this way since I was born, I cannot describe this peculiar felling in words. After a few years, I was determined to find out why. Now, I am twenty. I was a successful student in MIT. I worked very hard to answer my burning question. I had very little friends and was glad because everyone, even my mother was foreign to me. After a few more months, a series of disturbing events started. My life changed forever.
           I was looking at the mirror in my room, getting ready for school.When I raised up my right hand, the person in the mirror, also lifted up his right hand. I was so shocked that I jumped ten feet. The person in the mirror remained standing there looking at me as if intrigued by what he just saw. My heart started beating fast, I could not breathe, I could not believe my eyes. Suddenly the mirror blurred then exploded into a dozen pieces. I sat on the bed and tried to comprehend what just happened.
            Suddenly like lightning, it struck me that my universe had collided with a parallel universe.When it collided, it created an anomaly that resulted in me being being my parallel self. I could not believe the Drake equation is accurate. It dawned upon to me that I had to report this unexplainable phenomenon to the professors at MIT.
            "Are you serious,"The professors laughed at me. I could not believe that they were laughing at me, I just walked away, with my head held low.
             When I reached home, I found out the mirror that exploded this morning was back into one piece. What was more surprising that I was looking at my parallel self which was totally opposite to me. I was so thin that you could almost see my bones and not muscular, but he was very muscular, and he was in a different house.
             "Hi,"we both said at the same time.We were direct opposites, yet we were similar in many ways. We had the same strange feeling, and had the same eye colour, but that was it.His name was Alex Goode, but my name was Alex Pai.
              For the next few years, we tried to figure out to get to our universe to prove the professors wrong, that parallel universe did exist. Finally at 21st May 2069, we figured it out. We created a wormhole now we can go to our world. I had butterflies in my stomach, excited to get back to my own universe. My parallel self looked as nervous as me.
              "5,4,3,2,1,go!"we ran into the mirror at the same time. I had just entered a wormhole. The hole was disorientated, and it dawned upon me that we had just made a dire mistake in our calculation.The wormhole was collapsing on us, I closed my eyes and when I opened my eye again, blackness surrounded me. I kept floating into oblivion, feeling this sense of peace I had never experienced before, never to be seen again...

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