Friday, 26 February 2016

Daniel's English AA final

Alien in the forest

Quay Genk Swee Daniel (S1-01)              
 3 Feb 2016
Alien in the forest

The year was 2516, and the earth was mostly barren because of global warming.Food was expensive and scarce.Many people preferred to get their food by hunting than buying.John was one of them.He is an easy-going man, having fuzzy black hair.He set off to a nearby forest to hunt for food.Hours passed, and John finally reached there. The forest was lush and green, with the air surrounding it smelling fresh.
       John walked deeper into the forest, looking for animals he could hunt down and eat.The smell of rotting wood was prominent.So far, all he saw was big trunks of trees.Time passed by, and the sun was setting.John was unhappy with the fact that he caught nothing, and would go home empty handed.He decided to go home.
       After a few hours, John realised that he was back to where he started! He started getting afraid. He was lost! He had not brought any food or water with him. The more he thought about it, the more panicky he got. The sun had set hours ago, and it was going to be pitch dark.
      Just then, John heard the rustling of leaves behind him. John thought who it could be. He turned around and saw himself face to face with a strange creature. It had an enormously menacing face and a neon green head. It had two big black eyes and scales on its body. It had two arms, two legs, and claws at the end of its hands too.It said in a robotic voice, “Please surrender yourself, human, or I will have to resort to unimaginable and painful ways to prevent you from escaping.”
      John could tell that the creature did not come from the planet Earth. The creature was an alien! Fortunately, he knew exactly what to do as he recalled how his father had taught him on escaping from predators when he was ten years old. He took to his heels and ran as fast as he could.
      John ran with all his might. He saw the alien running swiftly. However, John did not see the rock protruding out of the ground. He tripped on hitting the rock and fell. The alien easily caught up with John. Lying on the ground, he knew that there was no escape.He was a bundle of nerves.
     Suddenly, at that very moment, the sun rose! The alien started to shriek and groan! John realised that the alien was melting away! All that was left of the alien was a thick puddle of goo and a compass inside it. He thanked his lucky stars and could not believe what had happened. Thankfully, he knew how to use a compass. Without hesitation, he used the compass to lead him out of the forest. To his amazement, he was out of the forest within a few minutes. He was overjoyed and dashed towards home. He kept the compass in his slightly torn pocket and felt a sense of gratitude towards the alien. Though it had frightened him, he had helped him to get out of the forest safely. What a terrifying but unforgettable experience for John!

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