Friday, 26 February 2016

Reuben Ng (17)  S1-01

Creative writing task 3

           When I was a child I well remember playing with a ball in the house.i was throwing it around and kicking it.Then I threw the ball up and instead of dropping back into my hands,it dropped into the fish tank.”Plok!”My parents were around at that time, and they scolded me.They immediately send me to bed, and I cried, trying to act cute.But they did not care, and I walked in reluctantly.

          When I was inside, it was still 2 pm only and was very bright.I tried to go to the toilet multiple times and my parents found out my plan and told m that if I stepped out of the room one more time, I would get canned.So I reluctantly and quietly went to bed.The sound from the television booming, the blazing hot sun was cooking me.It was still very bright and hot.After awhile, unknowingly, I fell into a troubled doze.

          When I woke up, the room was covered in darkness then, I felt something, a hand, holding my arm.I was pretty frightened.I have always been afraid of the darkness and always thought that monsters will come out in the dark.Now, it has become true.I just quickly hid under the blanket and quickly fell asleep. 

          Waking up the next morning, I was still unsure about the mysterious hand that held mine through my troubled night.Till this day, I am still unsure.

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