Tuesday, 1 March 2016

EL AA Final - Elise Teo

Final Sci-Fi AA Short Story

Name: Elise Teo
Class: S1-01
Date: 3rd February 2016
Word Count: 535
Title: Alien

Jace sat in his chair as his hands rested on his desk piled up with stacks of papers, in his dull room. He tiredly limped down the stairs and picked up the remote control, switching on the television. UFO spotted in town. Jace furrowed his brows watching the news, thinking how was there a UFO in real life.

                  Jace had no idea that this report was accurate. Suddenly, cries of help reverberated through the air. Jace rushed to the nearest window when he was greeted by a male body thrown to the window itself, his blood-stained hands and face making their mark on the glass. Horrified, Jace went to warn his mother. I must be dreaming, Jace thought on the way to the staircase.

                  However, his cool did not last for long. He heard an unknown language from outside of the house, turning to see who was it; he was shocked to see a live alien gorging out flesh from a human. He wanted to run; he wanted to escape. Despite his reluctance and fear, his body inched nearer to the window, allowing for a better glimpse of this unknown being. Horror gripped Jace as he saw the alien. Jace ran upstairs to find his mother fiddling with her smartphone. He quickly relayed the situation to her and dragged her downstairs running at the speed of light, his mother not believing such things existed. However, as they reached the doorway, it was too late.

                 The alien had destroyed the front door. Jace, to protect his mother, backed up further into the house. The unknown, walked nearer towards Jace, smelling him as Jace tried to hide his fear.

                 “I… need… help…” The alien stammered in English. Why should I help him? He has killed two persons without mercy; why is he begging a small boy like me to help him? Jace was confused. He never met anything like this. The alien could not help but make its way to the sofa and sat down. “AHHHHH! Monster!” Jace stared as his mother fled from the house, still holding her phone. He decided to see this alien for himself.

                  “I’m Innes… need food and water, my planet has been depleted of them. I came in search of another planet that can support our race..” Jace’s heart was in a dilemma. He wanted to help this alien.

                  “My names Jace. Innes, you may regard us as food, but we are living beings. We have lives to live for, but I can provide for you. You can, at least, have a decent life, but our planet cannot support the needs of your race, look at the amount of people here, imagine this world full of humans like me, there’s no room for your whole population.” Innes nodded his head, showing that he understood, but tears brimmed in his eyes as he could not save his planet.

                  Soon after finding and explaining to his mother, Jace and his mother decided to take Innes in as Jace’s brother, providing for him and teaching him the way of life on Earth. Since then, Innes has since then never forgotten about Jace’s grace, but he could not help thinking that he was alone.