Saturday, 30 April 2016

Emmanuel Chew's Letter 1 Draft 2

6 Sim Lim Park
Singapore 234234

10 March 2016

Dear Joshua
How are you doing? It is great that you and your parents are planning to come to Singapore. I am writing this email to suggest some places you and your parents can go to.

You mentioned in your letter that your family wants to learn about the culture of Singapore. A place you can go to is Chinatown. Chinatown has many restored shophouses that just looks beautiful. It also has some religious landmarks of different faiths where you can learn many things about Singapore's culture. Another place you can go to is Little India. Little India is undoubtedly one of the most colourful districts in Singapore. You can go to buy souvenirs at the Mustafa Centre in Little India. One of its specialities is the Fish Head Curry; one can say that it is uniquely Singapore.

You also mentioned in your letter that your family would like to see the modern aspects of Singapore.  So, you can go to the Singapore Flyer, the largest observation wheel in the world!  The panoramic photos you can take on the flyer is amazing. Have you ever wanted to be a pilot? You can take and the role of a pilot on the Real Flight Simulator. Another place I recommend going to is the Singapore Zoo. There are hundreds of different animals housed inside the zoo. From Kangeroos to Polar Bears.

Singapore had many different types if delicious foods: Laksa, Mee Siam, Rojak, Prata, Chilli Crab, Oyster, Omelette and much more! Personally, my favourite food is the Hainanese Chicken Rice. The smell of the rice with the delicious chicken is very inviting.

I hope you come to Singapore and explore Singapore's many attractions. Please ask any questions that you might have.

From your cousin,

Elrond Hu's Letter 1 Draft 2

7 Milkman Road
Singapore 123098

6 April 2016

Dear Aunt Maggie, Uncle Tom and Timmy

Hello from Singapore! How’s life in New York? It must be pretty exciting! Anyway, I heard that you are planning to visit Singapore, so I hope that you will find my recommendations helpful.

Firstly, since most of the places I will recommend will open at about 10 a.m, I recommend that you enjoy a scrumptious and inexpensive local breakfast at the coffee shops in Chinatown before learning about the cultural aspects of Singapore as you admire the beautifully restored shophouses and colonial buildings of Singapore during the 20th Century.

After that, you could make your way to Little India, where you would be able to admire the beautifully painted shophouses which would sell traditional Indian apparel, gold bagels, spices and other wares.You would be able to do some shopping at Mustafa Centre- which is open 24/7, before tucking into delicious local dishes such as fish head curry.

For the modern aspects of Singapore, you could proceed to the Singapore Flyer, which is the world’s biggest observation wheel, to take in panoramic views of the city. Also, you could try being a pilot using the Real Flight Simulator.You may also want to consider visiting the River Safari, which recently opened a few years ago. You get to see many animals and the best part is that you can take a boat around the river.

I have a few dish recommendations such as Hainanese chicken rice, c

Lastly, for dinner, you should go over to “Food Glorious Food!” Where you will be able to sample many delicious local dishes such as, Laksa, Chilli Crab and Satay.

Well, I hope you come to Singapore and explore our beautiful country, I will be more than willing to help with any questions you have!

With regards,

Elrond Hu

Elise Teo - Situational Writing 1 Draft 2

2 Sim Lim Road
Singapore 14326

6 April 2016

Dear Michael

I am delighted that you and your parents are coming to visit Singapore in two week's time! I wish you were able to stay longer than what you have scheduled. Nonetheless, let's enjoy our time together to the fullest!

I understand that you are interested to learn about both the cultural and modern aspects of Singapore, and to sample a few local dishes. I have planned the best itinerary for your needs. I'm sure you would like it! It's fine if the transport is not convenient enough, my father would also be coming along to drive us around.

Shall I meet you at your hotel at 9 a.m.? We can have some time to catch up after your breakfast as most attractions open around 10 a.m. We will then head for Little India, one of the most colourful districts in Singapore. You can see traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares as we walk through the streets of gaily painted shophouses. You can also buy souvenirs from the 24-hour shopping centre, Mustafa Centre! Not to mention you need to try out one of Little India's specialities - a uniquely Singaporean dish, Fish Head Curry!

Next, we will be bringing you to Chinatown, where you can visit beautifully restored shophouses, colonial and modern buildings altogether in one place! Also, you can visit religious landmarks of different faiths here. We shall see the colonial aspects of Chinatown before visiting the modern elements. For a taste of the old times, you can take a trishaw ride around the vicinity! Visit the traditional medicine halls, teahouses, and quirky cafes as well! Before we leave to see the modern elements of Chinatown, you can bargain at the lively street market for some souvenirs, fashion apparel, and leather goods!

Now, for the new parts of Chinatown! Some examples of modern buildings include the rebuilt Chinatown Point, OG Building, and People's Park Centre. All three locations are great for shopping, but each of them has their unique qualities. Chinatown Point has more restaurants, for example, Genki Sushi, a unique sushi restaurant; OG Building is a large departmental store with five levels, and People's Park Centre has many electronics shops selling items at affordable prices of which I'm sure you will love.

The last place we will go to is the Singapore Flyer. I left this place for last so you could see the flyer in all its splendour! Before we take the world's biggest observation wheel, I will take you to fly in the Real Flight Simulator - flying planes was always your dream! Once it's dinner time, I will let you sample Laksa and Hainanese Chicken Rice. They are two popular dishes in Singapore!

Lastly, before we end our day, we shall take in panoramic views of Singapore's iconic landmarks - Marina Bay, Merlion Park, and Empress Place together. I hope you find the day interesting before you go on your own touring with your parents.

Well, I hope you find the itinerary appealing to you, Michael. I'm excited to see you!

Your favourite cousin,

Daniel Quay Draft 2 Situational Writing 1

1 Technology Drive
Singapore 123456


Dear cousin

How are you?I heard that you and your family are keen to come to Singapore for a holiday!If so, let me tell you some places we can go to!

We can go to two places with cultural aspects of Singapore as culture is a big part of Singapore.First, we can go to Chinatown.Chinatown has many beautiful restored shophouses and colonial buildings.It also has many different buildings of different faiths which are very diverse.We can take a trishaw ride around the vicinity which will be interesting as we can get good views of the cultural aspects of Singapore.We can also go inside traditional medicine halls and teahouses too.After that, we may buy souvenirs too.

Another place we can go too is Little India.Little India is very colourful, and there are many shophouses there selling traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares, and some souvenirs if you want.

We can also go to two modern attractions in Singapore too.One of them is the Singapore Flyer.It is the biggest observation wheel, and we can take amazing panoramic views of Singapore's iconic landmarks such as Marina Bay, Merlion Park and Empress Place, just to name a few.We can also dine there in style while enjoying great views of the city.

Another place we can go to is Mustafa Centre.Mustafa Centre is a 24-hour shopping centre that sells a variety of souvenirs.We can go there anytime to get anything you and your family want if you would be leaving soon.

We can also sample a few dishes too.One of them is chilli crab.Chilli crab has soft and tender meat and is sweet, savoury and just spicy enough.Another dish we can sample is Satay. Satay has juicy meat chunks which are very sweet.Another dish we can sample is chicken rice.Chicken rice has sweet rice and succulent chicken.

I hope you find this letter helpful, and that you will come to Singapore!

Your cousin,
Daniel Quay

Ling Wei Hsuen Situational Writing 1 Draft 2

30 Bukit Batok
Singapore 123456

29 April 2016

Dear John,

Hearing that you plan to visit Singapore, I am very excited thinking about it. I planned a trip for you based on your interests and really hope you would enjoy your trip here.

From what I was told, you are interested in both cultural and modern aspects of Singapore and would like to also try a few local dishes. For the cultural aspect, I recommend going to Chinatown and Little India. These two places are filled with many old cultures and different types of the traditional and I am sure you would enjoy them. You can even but and souvenirs at shops to bring bac to New York!

Regarding the modern aspects, I would like to introduce to you and bring you to the Singapore Flyer and Mustafa centre. The Singapore Flyer is the world biggest observation wheel. Being able to take a panoramic view of Singapore's many iconic landmarks, isn't it just wonderful? Mustafa centre is open 24-hour so you can shop there for as long as you liked.

Lastly, I would like to tell you more about the food in Singapore. Singapore is widely known as a food paradise so let me introduce our wide range of food here. As you live in new York, there may be food not available there such as nasi lemak, laksa or mee siam. You may even be interested in trying Singapore's famous chilli crab and Hiananese chicken rice. These foods would not let your taste buds down.

I really hope this plan sounds good to you. Please come and pay me a visit in Singapore soon!

With love,
Wei Hsuen

Jonah Choke's Situational Writing 1 Draft 2

6 Sim Lim Park
Singapore 234234

6 April 2016

Dear John

How are you? It has been a long time since I last spoke with you. I will be telling you some of the attractions in Singapore that you might be interested in.

Since Singapore is a multi-cultural society, there is a place called Chinatown.You will get to visit beautifully restored shophouses, colonial buildings and modern buildings. You can also visit religious landmarks of different faiths. You will stand a chance to take a trishaw ride around the vicinity. Furthermore, you can also buy some souvenirs and pop into traditional teahouses.

There is also another place in Singapore called Little India. It is one of the most colourful districts in Singapore. There are gaily painted shophouses that sell traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares. You can also buy souvenirs and try the Indian cuisine.

You must visit the Singapore Flyer as you can admire the world's biggest observation wheel. It is the only place where you can take panoramic views of Singapore's iconic landmark such as the Merlion Park. Guess what is even better! You can dine in while admiring the great views of the city. You must grab on to the golden opportunity where you get to take on the role of a pilot using the Real Flight Simulator.

You should also visit the River Safari, which recently opened a few years ago. You get to see many animals and the best part is that you can take a boat around the river.

I have a few dish recommendations such as Hainanese chicken rice, chilli crab, laksa and much more! These are some examples of our local food.

I hope that you will have the time to visit me. Hope you have a great and wonderful time in Singapore. Mosy importantly, have fun!

Your cousin

Matthew Liang draft 2-situational writing 1

6 Sim Lim Park

Singapore 234234

6 April 2016

Dear Thomas

How are you? I am so excited that you are coming to Singapore in 3 weeks' time and I can't wait to take you to all the cultural and modern places in Singapore! Let's enjoy ourselves as much as we can on that day.

As the places we are visiting would be crowded if we go there late, shall I meet you and your parents in the hotel at 8 am As you wanted to learn about the cultural aspects of Singapore, I would take you to Chinatown, a cultural place of interest. There, you could learn about the Chinese culture and could look at beautifully restored shophouses, colonial buildings and modern buildings! You can also take a rickshaw ride around the area and you could also buy souvenirs, fashion apparel and leather goods at the lively street market.

Then, we would go to Little India, another cultural place of interest. There, you could learn about the Indian culture and walk around one of the most colourful districts in Singapore! You could also walk around one of the shophouses and purchase traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares.

As you are also keen to learn the modern aspects of Singapore, I would take you to the Singapore Flyer, which is the world's biggest observation wheel! You could also take in panoramic views of Singapore's iconic landmarks like the Marina Bay, Merlion Park and the Empress Palace. Then, you could also go to the Marina Bay and go to the top of the building to see the full view of the city.

In Singapore, you could try many delicious local dishes, which includes laksa, mee siam, Hainanese chicken rice, chilli crab and much more!

I hope the itinerary I planned is good to you and I hope you could learn many cultural and modern aspects of Singapore and also enjoy the local food there. I really look forward to seeing you in three weeks' time, and I really hope you enjoy your stay.

Your best cousin


Chian ZhengHang's Situational writing 1

Jurong West Central 1

Singapore 216921

6 April2016

Dear Cousin May, Aunt Lily and Uncle Ben

I am very excited that you are coming and visiting Singapore.I am writing this email to you to tell you all what places I think you all will very much love to visit and be interested in.

I know that you all are interested in learning about both the modern and cultural aspect of Singapore.So, I start with the cultural aspect of Singapore first.The first cultural place of interest I will introduce is Chinatown.You all can visit the religious landmarks of different faiths there and if you are tried after a while, you can take a trishaw ride around Chinatown.You can also go to the traditional medicine hall and teahouses.Furthermore, you all can bargain at the lively street where there is a large variety of souvenirs, fashion appeal and leather goods there which I know you all will like.

Another cultural place of interest is Little India.It is one of the most colourful districts in Singapore!
There is also gaily painted shop selling traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles and other wares which I think that you all will like, don’t you?You all can also get last minute souvenir at the shopping centre; Mustafa opens 24 hours.

A modern attraction in Singapore is the world’s biggest observation wheel, Singapore flyer.You all can take in the panoramic views of Singapore of Singapore’s iconic landmarks like Marina Bay, Merlion Park and Empress place.You all can also assume a role as a pilot using a real flight simulator.It would be nice, won’t it?

The second modern attraction I will introduce to you is marina bay.It is mostly where the national parade is held nowadays.There is a float where you all can go and play at.You can also take a boat near there.

You all can also sample a broad range of local cuisine: Laksa, Mee Siam, rojak, Hainanese chicken rice, chilli crab, oyster omelette, satay,nasi lemak and more at food glorious.You all may be interested in sample the famous chilli crab and satay as they are famous local foods

With love,

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Nadia's Visual Text Analysis [Updated]

Nadia Rahman

Image: A freshly made burger. There is a reflection below the burger which seems like a reflection on water. This shows that the burger is a fish that leapt from the sea. Furthermore, the vibrant, contrasting colours make it seem like a great catch. 

Colour: The background is made up of different shades of blue and green, which are the hues of oceans from afar.
The burger buns have golden brown and light brown colouring. These colours show that the buns are perfectly cooked and it is commonly known that chefs make or toast bread products till they are golden brown.

The lettuce is bright green with crisp edges. This shows that the lettuce is fresh and healthy. The greens shades of the lettuce are light shades of green, as unlike the pickles, dark lettuce is seen as rotting and unhealthy.
The burger patty makes use of textures and slightly orange shades of brown to show that it is made of fish. Fish burgers typically have more orange colouration than chicken or beef burgers. This fits in with the recurring theme of the ocean.
The pickles are dark green.
The mayonnaise is bright white and squirted between darker coloured parts of the burger to provide a visual contrast.
The words in the advertisement are white and they stand out against the darker background.

Words: Ocean Catch of the Day. The words are written in a large font similar to fonts such as Impact and Balto, both of which are known make use of capital letters. Furthermore, they stand out and are bold fonts.

Literal: The fish in the burger was caught with 72 hours and is fresh.

Inferential: This burger is your catch of the day and will be the best thing you will eat.

Purpose: It is to promote the burger.

Audience: People who want to eat

Context: Fast Food

Culture: Persuasive

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Sian Yin's Visual text analysis

Image: Tissue box with a map
Colour: The earth is made up of green paper which also replesents "Green Earth"
Words: Asking people to save the planet by not using much paper.
Literal: Paper will be used and will make the map go black.
Purpose: Meaning that the more paper you use, the more you destroy the earth.
Audience: People who use paper.
Context: Toilet
Culture: promoting awareness.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Eu Gene's visual text analysis

Words:Now she can't text and walk at the same time.
Content:This means that because of her broken leg,she cannot be able to text and walk at the same time and it was also because of texting and walking that got her into this mess of being handicap and her leg is irreplaceable.


Thursday, 7 April 2016

Daniel's Visual analysis

Image:Child on sale who is sewing
Colours:Plain white and black background(To focus on the foreground and words as they are engaging)
Literal:We should not sell children
Inferential:Selling children is wrong
Typographical features:Words are slanted to make the poster look nice.They are also white in a black background to make it stand out
Layout:Picture is uncluttered and we can see what is happening clearly

Purpose:To persuade people not to sell children
Audience:People who plan to sell their children
Context:boy on sale

Moe's Visual text

This shows a man who is obese being slim in water. It encourages people to sign up for their classes.
The target audience is people who are looking to lose weight. There are words written next to the company logo which is "water fits you". This suggests that swimming will make u lose weight.

Hong Ngai's Visual Text Analysis

Image: A tulip in a vase that has withered but the flower covered by the Ziploc bag is still alive and fresh. The brown withered plant is used to show the contrast between the vase and the orange flower.

Linguistic features: There is only one word on this poster, which is "Ziploc". This word would capture the attention of people, and people would know that the reason the flower was still fresh was because of Ziploc bags.

Textual features: There is only one word on the poster, which is very simplistic and captures the viewers' attention.

Typographical features: The word "Ziploc" is white and placed at the top of the poster, which is brown so as to show a contrast between the word and the background.

Layout: The image is big and it is placed in the middle of the poster so that the viewer will see it. This poster uses brown to show that the tulip is withered and uses orange and green, which are fresh colours to show that the tulip is alive. The name "Ziploc" is also placed on the bag to emphasise that the bags made by Ziploc are the best at keeping perishables fresh, and even keeping a part of the plant fresh even though the rest of the plant is dead.

Colour: White, grey, brown, orange, yellow, green. The vase is white to show contrast from the brown, withered stem of the tulip. The flower is orange and the stem covered by the Ziploc bag is green, showing how fresh they are.

Purpose: To convince people that Ziploc bags are the best at keeping things fresh compared to other brands.

Audience: People who buy and use that kind of bags.

Context: Ziploc bags keep your items fresh

Culture: The poster is very simplistic so that people would understand the meaning behind the poster more easily.


Wei Hsuen Visual Text analysis

Image : McDonald's
Colour: RED to attract people to look.
Inferential: You will enjoy staring at the muffin for so long that you will miss the train.
Purpose: To tell the train takers how good their burgers are. 
Audience: Train takers
Context: To tell the customers their burgers are so nice to look at that you will miss the train because of it. 
Culture: creative

Peng Kiang's Visual text analysis

Image:A polar bear on a thin piece of ice.
Colour:The polar bear is read which will attract the reader's attention more than the background.The seas are only represented with a few lines.
Words:Global warming is bolded,bigger and spelt with capital letters.The are also small words at the very bottom for more information.
Literal:The bear has no more places to go since the rest of the area is water.
Purpose:A bear can sleep and rest, but if we keep polluting the environment, it will not stop until we put in effort.
Audience:General public who uses electricity unwisely.
Culture:To promote awareness

Celine's Visual Text Analysis
Image: It shows a bottle of beer from the brand Heineken. The interior of the bottle is filled with different country stamps. The words below the bottle read "And the world will be as One."
Colour: It has a plain background but the bottle is very colourful, giving it emphasis.
Word: The words read "And the world will be as One."
Literal: If you drink Heineken, you are one with the world.
Inferential: Drink Heineken and the world would be united.

Purpose: To advertise about Heineken
Audience: Anyone who likes to drink beer.
Context: Fun 
Culture: International

ZhengHang's visual text Analysis

Image result for advertisement
Image:This a boy holding a kinder chocolate egg and the girl holding an assault rifle.A kinder chocolate egg is banned from USA if you do not know so it is implying that since kinder chocolate egg is banned in America, guns which are more dangerous should be ban too.
Colour:It is made in a darker colour so that it will be taken more seriouslyWords:Our Child Is Holding Something Ban In America.That's Been Banned In America To Protect Them Guess Which one.We won't sell Kinder Chocolate eggs in out safety of our child.Why not assault weapons.Literal:Guns should be banInferential:Guns should be banPurpose:It is to convince the people and government to ban guns in America
Audience:People and the government in America
Context:Tell us that gun should be ban since kinder chocolate egg is ban.Culture:freedom

Lucas's Visual Text Analysis

This image shows a pug that looks like a loaf of bread. It is interesting as it is cute and the readers would think that it is intriguing and want to know what the poster is about.This poster conveys a message: Germs from whatever you touch before you eat would enter your mouth too,so you should wash your hands . In this case, the person who is supposedly going to eat this 'loaf of bread'  is going to get the germs from the pug he touched earlier into his mouth.
Colour:The picture has a high contrast so the poster would grab the audiences attention.It also stands out as the colours used go very well with each other.
Purpose:The purpose of this poster is to raise awareness that washing hands before eating is important as there are germs in everything we touch that could possibly enter our body.
Typography: The typography is small so as to allow the readers to be curious as to what is written on the poster and to go up close to the poster to read the text.
Audience:The audience is mainly the people who do not wash their hands before they eat.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Jeffrey's Visual Text Analysis

Image: It is tower of pizzas from pizza hut that are leaning.
Colour: orange, red, black, white, green
Words: See the Leaning Tower of Pizza
Literal: Pizza Hut's Pizza are the best as they are as famous as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Audience: People who likes pizzas, hungry people
Context: Informal and Persuasive
Culture: Creative

Jonathan Fonda's Visual Text Analysis

To view the source click here

Blood is squirting out of woman's handphone as a woman cringes while getting splattered with the blood. The red colour reminds people of blood which is related to accidents. The white and silver colours of the picture's background is used to make the blood stand out more as the crimson red is darker than all the other light colours in the poster.

Linguistic Features
The words on the poster are "Don't talk while he drives." It literally means do not call someone while they are driving. It inferentially means that distracting the driver can lead to car accidents.

The picture is approximately in the middle of the poster, with the font size being very small in so that the viewer would be curious about the poster and go closer to it in order to read the words.

Purpose: It is to tell people to avoid being on the phone while driving.
Audience: Drivers
Context: Informal and persuasive
Culture: Warning or reminder for drivers to not drink while driving.

Abigail Tan's Visual Text Anaylsis

Image: A shoe that resembles a human with its mouth open
Colour: Brown, white, skin colour, black, purple, dark blue
Words: You are what you wear.
Literal: You are the shoes you wear
Inferential: Your choice in shoes reflects your personality and taste. Choose the best, MAX shoes.
Purpose: It is to tell people if they buy MAX shoes, being what they wear, they will be the best and awesome.
Audience: Anyone who buys shoes
Context: To tell shoe buyers that their personality is reflected in the shoes that they purchase.
Culture: Creative

Matthew Liang's visual analysis

Images:4 bottles of alcohol of different brands.

Colours:green, red, white (bottles), and brown(background)

Words:'How much will your next round cost you?' and 'Don't drink and drive'(bottom right)

Typographical features:The word "THINK" at the bottom right hand corner are capitalised and coloured to draw attention and to remind drivers who are drinkers to think and remember not to drink and drive. The phrase "How much will your next round cost you?", have a bigger font size and it is white to make the words stand out from the background, so that it can be seen clearly and draws attention.

Literal:It means how much are you paying, in terms of money, for your next round of drinking.

Inferential:The underlying message the words are showing is how much, in terms of the physical body and life, will it cost if you drink alcohol and drive.

Purpose:To warn and remind people not to drink and drive

Audience:Drivers who are drinkers

Context:To tell drivers who are drinkers that if they drink and drive it would cost them a lot in terms of their life, their job, a fine, criminal record, etc.

Culture:Warning, Reminder



Jonah Choke's Visual Text Analysis

Mercedes-Benz poster

A Mercedes-Benz driving during winter without any problem. The background is white, showing that it is the winter season.
Linguistic Features
In this poster, the headline reads,"Winter is not winter anymore." This tells us that the tires of the Mercedes can travel on snow and survive through winter. Thus, winter does not give the driver any trouble.
Textual Features
The poster elaborates more of the car rather than the words as the car is very big. They are mainly featuring the car.
Typographical Features
There are words"Mercedes-Benz"at the bottom right-hand side corner stating its company name. There are also words just below the"Winter is not winter anymore.", stating that the car model is the new E-Class 4MATIC.
The car is in the middle of the poster and it will attract people's attention towards the car. The main attraction is the car as the car is very big and the words are very small.
The colour of the background is white, which shows that it is winter. The words are black so that there is contrast and the words are easily readable. The colour of the car is silver as it makes the car look very shiny and classy.
Purpose: To tell people that Mercedes-Benz has invented a car that can travel without problems during winter.
Audience: People who live in places that have the four seasons.
Context: People's car who get stuck during winter
Cultural: Applies to those whose car tires usually get stuck in the snow

Ramirez Emmanuel:Visual Text Analysis

Image:A pack of fries and a burger drawn using nutrition facts
Colours:It has different colours which represent the colour of each component of the food
Words:"Do you REALLY know what your EATING?"It is referring to whether we know the truth about our intake,however there is a typo and "your" should be "you're"
Inferential:This poster makes us wonder whether we know the truth behind the food we eat and the possible lies we have been told by food companies
Purpose:It is to make people be more health-conscious so that they can know what is good for them to eat and what is not.
Audience:The main audience are people who are not worried about the food they eat,so this poster makes them more conscious about their health

Alex Pai:Visual text anaylsis

Image:Many different buildings, objects, instruments with the shape of the coca cola glasses at the centre of the poster.
Colour:Many vibrant colours for example red, blue and yellow.
Main words:The timeless shape of happiness.
Literal:This poster is saying that when they see the coca cola glass they will be happy.
Inferential:This poster says that coca cola is their source of happiness and they should continue drinking it as it will make them happy.
Purpose:It is to encourage people to come and buy more coca cola.
Audience:The target audience is people who are sad and is looking for happiness.
Context:Vibrant and happy

Culture:Happy and fun

Emmanuel Chew's Visual Text Analysis

Image: Many different bright coloured shapes and forms.
Colours: Orange, Red, Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink.etc
Textual: Live on the (coke) side of Life & Coca Coola
Typographical: The Coca Coola words are larger than the other words.
Layout: The brand name is at the bottom of the page and the live on the (coke) side of life if surrounding the bottle.
Inferential: This poster says that to be on the coke side of life is to be happy and positive. It is the right, good and best side of life.
Purpose: It is to encourage and convince people to buy Coca Coola.
Audience: The target audience is people who want to be happy.
Context: Coca Cola want people to buy their product.
Culture: Drinking coke is good and everyone should drink it to be happy.

Elise Teo's Visual Analysis

Image: Many people but one, with hearts not at their right position.
Colours: Black and white
Words: Be different.... (insert heart emoji)
Literal: For you to be different from others, spread the kindness and joy.
Inferential: To bring out the compassionate self and kindness within us.
Purpose: To make a kinder society.
Audience: People who are not compassionate or less compassionate.
Context: When people are in need of help, care, concern etc.
Cultural: Touching

Kai's Visual Analysis

The image above is a piece of paper with Nutella on it
This advertisement is brown and white in colour
"Please do not lick the page" is written on the page
Literal: Do not lick the page
Inferential: Nutella is so tasty that you may lose control of yourself
Purpose is to show that Nutella is very delicious
It targets fat people that like to eat Nutella
It is persuasive and bold
It is attractive

Clarence's Visual Text Analysis

Source: (open link in new tab)

Image: Adidas fingerprint
Colours: Yellow, green, bit of red
Literal meaning: Know who you are
Inferential meaning: See yourself as an Adidas person. Buy Adidas products now.
Purpose: To persuade people to buy Adidas products
Audience: People who are not sure of which sports brand to buy their products from.
Context: Simple and mysterious
Culture: Inspirational and cool

Reuben Ng (17) poster analysis

Image:burgers,a chicken ,chicken drumstick
colours:red ,orange,yellow,green
words:with the king,you'll never chicken out     and   with the king you can
literal:eating the burger will make you brave
inferential:buying the burger is healthy and also gives free chicken drumstick.
purpose:to make people patronise their stall
audience:people who like chicken
context:informal and persuasive.
culture:very attractive.

Kevin's Visual Text Analysis

Image: Drinks turning into unhealthy things
Colour: Black, Pink,Orange 
Literal: Pouring "pounds" out of a bottle
Inferential: Drinking too much soft drinks is bad for health. 

Typographical Features:
The words are big and coloured as they want to attract attention to the important message, that drinking too much soft drinks will affect our body and cause damage.
The bottle is a soft drink and it draws attention to the drink coming out of it as it gradually turns into a disgusting glob of fats that is unhealthy to the body. The colours also draws attention to the important information. The company logo is printed small as it is not that important.
Purpose: To persuade others not to drink too much soft drinks as it will ruin our health.
Audience: People that like soft drinks
Context: Formal
Culture: Warning, Advise


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Elrond Hu Kangsheng's Visual analysis


Image: Pictures of Subway Sandwich,Coffee,Diet Coke and plain water.
Colours:Yellow,Green and Yellow(Subway colours)
Words:"All Day Value","All day, every day!" "Eat fresh."
Texture:Subway Sandwiches are value for money
Purpose: To make people buy Subway
Audience: People who are on a budget.
Context: When people are wondering what to eat for lunch
Cultural: Inviting and attractive