Saturday, 30 April 2016

Ling Wei Hsuen Situational Writing 1 Draft 2

30 Bukit Batok
Singapore 123456

29 April 2016

Dear John,

Hearing that you plan to visit Singapore, I am very excited thinking about it. I planned a trip for you based on your interests and really hope you would enjoy your trip here.

From what I was told, you are interested in both cultural and modern aspects of Singapore and would like to also try a few local dishes. For the cultural aspect, I recommend going to Chinatown and Little India. These two places are filled with many old cultures and different types of the traditional and I am sure you would enjoy them. You can even but and souvenirs at shops to bring bac to New York!

Regarding the modern aspects, I would like to introduce to you and bring you to the Singapore Flyer and Mustafa centre. The Singapore Flyer is the world biggest observation wheel. Being able to take a panoramic view of Singapore's many iconic landmarks, isn't it just wonderful? Mustafa centre is open 24-hour so you can shop there for as long as you liked.

Lastly, I would like to tell you more about the food in Singapore. Singapore is widely known as a food paradise so let me introduce our wide range of food here. As you live in new York, there may be food not available there such as nasi lemak, laksa or mee siam. You may even be interested in trying Singapore's famous chilli crab and Hiananese chicken rice. These foods would not let your taste buds down.

I really hope this plan sounds good to you. Please come and pay me a visit in Singapore soon!

With love,
Wei Hsuen


  1. Nice description of the information, but you do not need commas after "Dear John", and "With love"

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  3. Bits of spelling and tense errors here and there, but overall, great describing words.