Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Jonah Choke's Visual Text Analysis

Mercedes-Benz poster

A Mercedes-Benz driving during winter without any problem. The background is white, showing that it is the winter season.
Linguistic Features
In this poster, the headline reads,"Winter is not winter anymore." This tells us that the tires of the Mercedes can travel on snow and survive through winter. Thus, winter does not give the driver any trouble.
Textual Features
The poster elaborates more of the car rather than the words as the car is very big. They are mainly featuring the car.
Typographical Features
There are words"Mercedes-Benz"at the bottom right-hand side corner stating its company name. There are also words just below the"Winter is not winter anymore.", stating that the car model is the new E-Class 4MATIC.
The car is in the middle of the poster and it will attract people's attention towards the car. The main attraction is the car as the car is very big and the words are very small.
The colour of the background is white, which shows that it is winter. The words are black so that there is contrast and the words are easily readable. The colour of the car is silver as it makes the car look very shiny and classy.
Purpose: To tell people that Mercedes-Benz has invented a car that can travel without problems during winter.
Audience: People who live in places that have the four seasons.
Context: People's car who get stuck during winter
Cultural: Applies to those whose car tires usually get stuck in the snow

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  1. Nice advertisement chosen, very good explanation which are also clearly listed.