Saturday, 23 April 2016

Nadia's Visual Text Analysis [Updated]

Nadia Rahman

Image: A freshly made burger. There is a reflection below the burger which seems like a reflection on water. This shows that the burger is a fish that leapt from the sea. Furthermore, the vibrant, contrasting colours make it seem like a great catch. 

Colour: The background is made up of different shades of blue and green, which are the hues of oceans from afar.
The burger buns have golden brown and light brown colouring. These colours show that the buns are perfectly cooked and it is commonly known that chefs make or toast bread products till they are golden brown.

The lettuce is bright green with crisp edges. This shows that the lettuce is fresh and healthy. The greens shades of the lettuce are light shades of green, as unlike the pickles, dark lettuce is seen as rotting and unhealthy.
The burger patty makes use of textures and slightly orange shades of brown to show that it is made of fish. Fish burgers typically have more orange colouration than chicken or beef burgers. This fits in with the recurring theme of the ocean.
The pickles are dark green.
The mayonnaise is bright white and squirted between darker coloured parts of the burger to provide a visual contrast.
The words in the advertisement are white and they stand out against the darker background.

Words: Ocean Catch of the Day. The words are written in a large font similar to fonts such as Impact and Balto, both of which are known make use of capital letters. Furthermore, they stand out and are bold fonts.

Literal: The fish in the burger was caught with 72 hours and is fresh.

Inferential: This burger is your catch of the day and will be the best thing you will eat.

Purpose: It is to promote the burger.

Audience: People who want to eat

Context: Fast Food

Culture: Persuasive

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