Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Emmanuel Chew's Visual Text Analysis

Image: Many different bright coloured shapes and forms.
Colours: Orange, Red, Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink.etc
Textual: Live on the (coke) side of Life & Coca Coola
Typographical: The Coca Coola words are larger than the other words.
Layout: The brand name is at the bottom of the page and the live on the (coke) side of life if surrounding the bottle.
Inferential: This poster says that to be on the coke side of life is to be happy and positive. It is the right, good and best side of life.
Purpose: It is to encourage and convince people to buy Coca Coola.
Audience: The target audience is people who want to be happy.
Context: Coca Cola want people to buy their product.
Culture: Drinking coke is good and everyone should drink it to be happy.