Thursday, 7 April 2016

Lucas's Visual Text Analysis

This image shows a pug that looks like a loaf of bread. It is interesting as it is cute and the readers would think that it is intriguing and want to know what the poster is about.This poster conveys a message: Germs from whatever you touch before you eat would enter your mouth too,so you should wash your hands . In this case, the person who is supposedly going to eat this 'loaf of bread'  is going to get the germs from the pug he touched earlier into his mouth.
Colour:The picture has a high contrast so the poster would grab the audiences attention.It also stands out as the colours used go very well with each other.
Purpose:The purpose of this poster is to raise awareness that washing hands before eating is important as there are germs in everything we touch that could possibly enter our body.
Typography: The typography is small so as to allow the readers to be curious as to what is written on the poster and to go up close to the poster to read the text.
Audience:The audience is mainly the people who do not wash their hands before they eat.


  1. Good choice. Is there a hidden message that this company is trying to convey to us? Are they trying to advertise anything? (it sounds like I'm testing you but I really don't know)