Saturday, 30 April 2016

Elise Teo - Situational Writing 1 Draft 2

2 Sim Lim Road
Singapore 14326

6 April 2016

Dear Michael

I am delighted that you and your parents are coming to visit Singapore in two week's time! I wish you were able to stay longer than what you have scheduled. Nonetheless, let's enjoy our time together to the fullest!

I understand that you are interested to learn about both the cultural and modern aspects of Singapore, and to sample a few local dishes. I have planned the best itinerary for your needs. I'm sure you would like it! It's fine if the transport is not convenient enough, my father would also be coming along to drive us around.

Shall I meet you at your hotel at 9 a.m.? We can have some time to catch up after your breakfast as most attractions open around 10 a.m. We will then head for Little India, one of the most colourful districts in Singapore. You can see traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares as we walk through the streets of gaily painted shophouses. You can also buy souvenirs from the 24-hour shopping centre, Mustafa Centre! Not to mention you need to try out one of Little India's specialities - a uniquely Singaporean dish, Fish Head Curry!

Next, we will be bringing you to Chinatown, where you can visit beautifully restored shophouses, colonial and modern buildings altogether in one place! Also, you can visit religious landmarks of different faiths here. We shall see the colonial aspects of Chinatown before visiting the modern elements. For a taste of the old times, you can take a trishaw ride around the vicinity! Visit the traditional medicine halls, teahouses, and quirky cafes as well! Before we leave to see the modern elements of Chinatown, you can bargain at the lively street market for some souvenirs, fashion apparel, and leather goods!

Now, for the new parts of Chinatown! Some examples of modern buildings include the rebuilt Chinatown Point, OG Building, and People's Park Centre. All three locations are great for shopping, but each of them has their unique qualities. Chinatown Point has more restaurants, for example, Genki Sushi, a unique sushi restaurant; OG Building is a large departmental store with five levels, and People's Park Centre has many electronics shops selling items at affordable prices of which I'm sure you will love.

The last place we will go to is the Singapore Flyer. I left this place for last so you could see the flyer in all its splendour! Before we take the world's biggest observation wheel, I will take you to fly in the Real Flight Simulator - flying planes was always your dream! Once it's dinner time, I will let you sample Laksa and Hainanese Chicken Rice. They are two popular dishes in Singapore!

Lastly, before we end our day, we shall take in panoramic views of Singapore's iconic landmarks - Marina Bay, Merlion Park, and Empress Place together. I hope you find the day interesting before you go on your own touring with your parents.

Well, I hope you find the itinerary appealing to you, Michael. I'm excited to see you!

Your favourite cousin,


  1. Great connecting words and imagery. But Im not sure if Fish Head Curry needs to be in italics

  2. Good introduction and flow of ideas.