Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Matthew Liang's visual analysis

Images:4 bottles of alcohol of different brands.

Colours:green, red, white (bottles), and brown(background)

Words:'How much will your next round cost you?' and 'Don't drink and drive'(bottom right)

Typographical features:The word "THINK" at the bottom right hand corner are capitalised and coloured to draw attention and to remind drivers who are drinkers to think and remember not to drink and drive. The phrase "How much will your next round cost you?", have a bigger font size and it is white to make the words stand out from the background, so that it can be seen clearly and draws attention.

Literal:It means how much are you paying, in terms of money, for your next round of drinking.

Inferential:The underlying message the words are showing is how much, in terms of the physical body and life, will it cost if you drink alcohol and drive.

Purpose:To warn and remind people not to drink and drive

Audience:Drivers who are drinkers

Context:To tell drivers who are drinkers that if they drink and drive it would cost them a lot in terms of their life, their job, a fine, criminal record, etc.

Culture:Warning, Reminder




  1. Clearly explained and with illustration

  2. you forgot the text on the bottles which are their prices.But overall this is clearly explained