Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Jonathan Fonda's Visual Text Analysis

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Blood is squirting out of woman's handphone as a woman cringes while getting splattered with the blood. The red colour reminds people of blood which is related to accidents. The white and silver colours of the picture's background is used to make the blood stand out more as the crimson red is darker than all the other light colours in the poster.

Linguistic Features
The words on the poster are "Don't talk while he drives." It literally means do not call someone while they are driving. It inferentially means that distracting the driver can lead to car accidents.

The picture is approximately in the middle of the poster, with the font size being very small in so that the viewer would be curious about the poster and go closer to it in order to read the words.

Purpose: It is to tell people to avoid being on the phone while driving.
Audience: Drivers
Context: Informal and persuasive
Culture: Warning or reminder for drivers to not drink while driving.