Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Kevin's Visual Text Analysis

Image: Drinks turning into unhealthy things
Colour: Black, Pink,Orange 
Literal: Pouring "pounds" out of a bottle
Inferential: Drinking too much soft drinks is bad for health. 

Typographical Features:
The words are big and coloured as they want to attract attention to the important message, that drinking too much soft drinks will affect our body and cause damage.
The bottle is a soft drink and it draws attention to the drink coming out of it as it gradually turns into a disgusting glob of fats that is unhealthy to the body. The colours also draws attention to the important information. The company logo is printed small as it is not that important.
Purpose: To persuade others not to drink too much soft drinks as it will ruin our health.
Audience: People that like soft drinks
Context: Formal
Culture: Warning, Advise