Friday, 26 February 2016

Creative Writing Task 2

Creative Writing Task 2
By Elise

                   The nearby forest lay before Rae. She had to get home, but something in the forest seemed to invite Rae in. Deciding to explore, she confidently walked into the forest, walking astray from the pavement. "I'm not scared, this is nothing," Rae spoke to herself.

                    Rae delved deeper into the woods with each step. She wanted to know more about this forest. Its ambience was peaceful, giving Rae a sense of comfort. However, she could not help but be wary of something. Suddenly, Rae heard a swishing sound in the darkness. Rae, trying to keep her confidence, stood her ground and tried to carry on. However, her feet refused to move from their positions, and that swishing sound started again, this time louder than before. Rae had lost her sense of direction, unable to leave the forest at this time of night. She told herself, "It's probably just the leaves of trees swaying in the wind, it's nothing to be afraid of," she spoke that a little too soon, for she saw a fleeting ray of light dash across her path.
                      Rae started to shiver, her thoughts wavering. She started running, escaping from this nightmare. She wanted the comfort of her bed, but as she ran, the swishing sound seemed to be catching up with her, increasing in sound with every step. Red eyes appeared from nowhere, scaring her.

                      Letting out a scream of terror, Rae knew she should have listened to her friends, never to walk in the forest at night.

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