Sunday, 28 February 2016

Clarence Soo's AA

Name: Clarence Soo
Class: S1-01
Title: The Interplanetary War (final)

The A.D. 2197-2201 Interplanetary War was a period most would find hard to forget.
It all started when scientists decided to combine the human’s DNA with another animal’s, to create a new, stronger body through genetic mutation. The results were dire. The polar-bear-men (polar-men), cheetah-men and the elephant-men (ele-men) had a malfunction in their brain chips. Each type of creature stole a Bolt-002 (which could travel faster than light) and escaped to remote planets.
The first attack came from the polar-men. They came in great numbers, and the humans were unprepared. Hundreds of thousands died and many people grieved. The leader of the human army, Captain Tim, suggested travelling to the past and totally stopping the mutants’ existence (according to Einstein’s theory, faster-than-light communication equaled time travel).
However, the Bolts Company admitted that they had manufactured the Bolt-002 in a way that time travel was disabled. The human army had no choice but to unite forces throughout Earth to fight back against the mutants. This introduced a new age of technology as incredible new weapons were invented.
Captain Tim became incredibly busy as he sought out plans and strategies to attack the mutants. Alas, most of the attacks proved unsuccessful as the humans always found themselves outnumbered and at a physical disadvantage. Also, whenever any of the mutant forces struck, there were always too few humans left on Earth to defend themselves.
“We have a number problem,” announced Matt during an emergency sergeant meeting. “We have too few soldiers.”
“Nobody is volunteering to join the human army, seeing all the deaths and everything,” added Bobby, shrugging his shoulders and frowning slightly.
“We can’t do anything,” replied Captain Tim, “We’re just barely defending ourselves. We have no time to ask around for volunteers.” He sighed in distress.
Everyone around the table thought. They thought about survival. Protecting their planet and their people.
Suddenly, Chris, the genius of the bunch, sprang up. His fists were clenched, and he spoke with much force, yet remaining calm. “Let’s clone ourselves! We all share the same dreams, the same determination. If we had much more thinking the same as us, surely we would crush our enemies!” Everyone agreed with that idea, so Captain Tim informed the Bolts Company, and they quickly got to work.
The scientists working with the Bolts Company extracted somatic cells from the best sergeants.They transplanted the cells into host egg cells, which had their own genetic material removed. The somatic cells’ genetic materials were fused with the eggs using electric currents. Then the eggs were put into the Bolt Developer, a device used to speed up a baby’s body development. The newborn babies were transported to the Bolt Grower, a device used to speed up growth.
The human army was ready to launch its first full-force attack. Matt, Chris, and their clones assaulted Jupiter and its ele-men. They struck with so much force that they wiped out the ele-men entirely, lashing out with their cool new weapons. This victory gave everyone so much motivation that they were eager enough to attack any mutant force without Captain Tim’s permission.
At last, the smartest army, the humans, had a chance of winning the Interplanetary War.

SWBTS: The humans wanted to win the war, but they were too few in numbers, so they cloned themselves, then they fought back.

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