Friday, 26 February 2016

English AA by Kevin (23)

23 June 2017. I am Thomas, and I am 30 years old, and I am a very experienced astronaut. I am currently standing in the auditorium in NASA headquarters. Families of the fellow astronauts have gathered here today to witness the launching of the spacecraft and to bid farewell to their loved ones. Basically, scientists and researchers have tried to find a planet suitable for living, and they have partially succeeded! They have found a Wormhole leading to possibly a new beginning!
        I bid my farewell and after wiping my tears away, I proceeded to suit up. After several minutes trying to fit my body into the ill-fitting
 suit, I walked out, pleased to find my colleagues, Tim, Sarah, and Harper, who are going with me to the Wormhole.
        Climbing the stairs was always a chore, I could remember from my childhood that I hated stairs, especially long flights of them and here I am climbing 20 stories worth of stairs. The enormous bulk of the spaceship loomed above me, its majestic build ever so threatening. Slowly but surely, we made our way to the control room.
        20 years ago, I dreamed of being able to discover something interesting for the world.Now it was my time to shine

         The spacecraft, known as "Golden Eagle" took off with a fast but steady pace. The sheer force of the speed sent my body pinned onto the seat as we gradually saw the empty, black void of space. My eyelids started to droop as we continued our voyage, slowly, I fell asleep…

          "Thomas! Wake up! Look at this …" Tim bellowed from his seat.
          I lifted one eyelid, and then another, I leaned forward in my seat. Up ahead was the Wormhole, gleaming at us like an evil eye. We braced ourselves, as we entered the Wormhole. I bit my lip; I could hear sounds as if someone was beating the Golden Eagle with a hammer.

            All 4 of us high-fived as we emerged out of the Wormhole, a few hours later and a planet slowly rose into view! It was partly a mission accomplished, I could not help but smile.

            Days fled by...we landed on the planet, about an hour ago, but it was rather a crash land. Due to the climate and appearance of buildings, the planet seemed to be Earth…a few years in the future. A newspaper left lying on the road identified that the year was 2117. Of course, it is possible to experience time travel but by this much?
             Not long after we got off, Tim and Sarah had a quarrel with Harper and I. Tim wanted to fix the Golden Eagle, thinking that it would be faster but at this rate, but it would take them months to find resources on this dry wasteland and fix it. Nevertheless, they set off trying to fix our wrecked Golden Eagle. Which left Harper and I to call for help. Luckily,using a special device, we have managed to contact NASA and they are sending a rescue ship over.
             Until then, I hope to survive…....

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