Thursday, 25 February 2016

Tan Sian Yin - Creative Writing 2

  The shortcut lay before her.  She had finally found it.  Sighing as she walked along the deserted alley, Charisse muttered to herself, complaining about her tuition homework.  It was late at night and not a single soul could be seen.  Mice and cockroaches were all around and she quickened her pace, avoiding all of them as she walked on.  Her ginger red hair flapped in the wind.  'I'm a brave girl, why would I be scared?' she thought to herself.

  From the corner of her eyes, she caught a glimpse of two beady little eyes.  She reeled around to confront it but the eyes had vanished.  Charisse was confused and it got colder by the minute.  Again, she felt the eyes staring at her from behind.  The night was closing in and she was far from help. 'Charisse, stop imagining things! There is nothing, don't be so worried!' she told herself cheerfully as she picked up her pace.

  Just then, a shadow stood before her.  The moonlight was shining on the ground. 'A monster!' she thought.  She trembled, fearing that the monster would eat her up.  She ran, she knew not where.  The alley seemed to be never-ending.

  She wished that she had listened to her parents.  They had warned her not to use the shortcut. 

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