Thursday, 25 February 2016

Alex's Creative Writing Task 3

              When I was a child, I well remember that I broke the glass cabinet in my room. My mother came in and anger flashed across her face, scolding me profusely ordering me to go to bed.It was in the afternoon and I did not want to go to the bed so I jumped around and shouted, hoping that my mother will reconsider the punishment.My mother ordered me to go to bed with a look so frightening I cried.
              I walked as slowly as possible, one inch at time to my room stalling time. I heard voices in the other room, the cars beeping noise outside, the sizzling of the pan in the kitchen. I slowly climbed onto my bed, unwilling. The room was taunting me with its size, beckoning me to go to bed. I went to bed and not before long I dozed off.
              Suddenly, I woke up into a sheet of blackness. I could see nothing. A few moments later, I felt something furry brushing against my hands. I realised it was a cat coming to comfort me with her soft and silky fur. I brought her closer to me and hugged her, snuggling together with her.
              When I woke up, I realised the cat was gone.I wondered where the cat come from as I did not remember any cats in our house. Till this day, I still could not get my head around this mystery.

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