Friday, 26 February 2016

Abigail Tan's Creative Writing Task 2

Creative Writing 2
                 The dark eerie forest lay before Jane. The path through the forest was the quickest route home. Whistling a merry tune, Jane was relieved that school was over and home awaited her presence. "Hmm! I'm not afraid of the dark! Not me! Nothing shakes me." Jane told herself, brimming with confidence. She shook her fist to increase her confidence level.
                   At the corner of her eye, Jane thought she saw something dash from bush to bush. Oh no! She thought, it could not be a snake, could it? She had a phobia of snakes. White-eyed, she quickened her pace. When she was a safe distance away, she peeked cautiously behind.  The trees seemed to bow down to a long shadow before them. Jane broke out in a cold sweat as the shadow came closer. Beside her, a bush moved, then shook. Dusk was approaching, and Jane backed away, reassuring herself, "It is just a trick of the forest. I am not falling for it."
                   The bush seemed to have moved closer and was shaking ferociously. In the little beam of moonlight, a huge shadow surrounded the bush. At long last, the shaking ceased. A bunny hopped out. Jane, not thinking clearly, let out an ear piercing scream and fled. She ran, she knew not where, and found herself at the doorstep of her house.
                   Jane wished she had listened to her mother who had warned her of the evil things that lurked in the forest and never to take the forest path. 

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