Friday, 26 February 2016

Jeffrey Lim (12) Alternative Assessment Essay

Alternative Assessment Short Story

Name: Jeffrey Lim
Class: S1-01
Title: Back From The Dead
Word Count: 550

  The twins, Grant and Graham, were handlers in a theme park, dinosaur handlers. Thier job was dangerous, but the result was extremely rewarding as they experience a twelve-hour adrenaline rush. Scientists have discovered a way to create dinosaurs using extremely advanced biotechnology. By combining multiple breeds together, they can create any species of dinosaurs. Recently, scientists created another species; it was fierce and lightning fast, The twins were tasked to feed it regularly.
  It was feeding time, when things got serious. The doors of the 'cage' opened. Grant and Graham drove in slowly with a truck, carrying huge chunks of meat. Grant drove on and Graham, being his usual timid self, kept asking his brother to stop as close to the entrance as possible, just to feel safer. Grant eventually stopped, probably feeling that he had spooked his brother enough. He hopped out of the van with his brother, and carefully laid the meat on the floor and left.
  However, something was amiss. After a long time, the dinosaur still had not come to have its meal. It was strange, knowing how sharp its sense of smell is. Could it be full? It did mot even have breakfast! The brothers, accompanied by some experts, ran through all the CCTV cameras in search for it, but it was nowhere to be found. The brothers went in again, opening the gates and crept inside. The meat was gone! They ventured in deeper and deeper until they found a half eaten chunk of meat. it took them a second to realize the gargantuan beast hiding amongst the trees right in front of them.
  "AHHH!" they shrieked and sped towards the exit.
  "Close the gates!" they hollered. Grant took a glance behind him, only to find the dinosaur right on their tails. Upon hearing their screams, one of the theme park staff members spammed on the button, hoping to close the gates right on the dinosaur. However, their efforts were futile. The dinosaur smashed through the gates right before it closed, destroying it completely. Pandemonium struck, everyone was shrieking like banshees. A team armed with heavy artillery that was specially made to drug the dinosaur and cause it to go unconscious was sent. When the team arrived, the dinosaur was gone. The twins then accompanied the team in the search. It was difficult searching for the dinosaur, a big theme park, chaos everywhere. After a relentless search, they finally found the dinosaur in another cage. The team then took aim and fired darts at the beast, but it did nothing but to get its attention. The dinosaur turned and looked at them, sending shivers down their spine. Without a warning, it lashed out. Biting some of the team members, killing them with one huge chomp. It slaughtered dozens, wiping out almost the entire team. Then it went straight for Graham. He screamed. The dinosaur grabbed him by the heels and was about to gulp him down when Grant stabbed a spear down its heart. The beast collapsed to the ground. Paramedics streamed down and got to work. Finally, the ordeal was over and both twins managed to survive while suffering superficial injuries only. It was a terrifying experience for the twins, especially Graham.

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