Friday, 26 February 2016

Ramirez's English Sci-Fi AA

       Rick woke up shivering.He was in a chamber full of fog.Cold metal touched his skin.Rick found the strength to kick the chamber door down, and he fell with a thud.He was wearing some sort of jumpsuit.He was in a large vault with other empty chambers around him.There was a platform with a lever beside it.Rick pulled it slowly, and gears were grinding, metal was clanking, and the platform moved up with a jolt.There was a trap door in the ceiling, and it started to open up.Sunlight shone onto Rick’s trembling body.”Where am I?”Rick whispered with no idea of what was happening.

       Around him were destroyed buildings and remains of trees and plants.There was no form life except for a weird rat-like creature about the size of a horse.Suddenly, it started running towards Rick.His heart started palpitating.He ran as fast as his legs could carry him but he tripped, nearly hitting his head on a rock.The animal stood over Rick and was about to slash him with his sharp claws when Rick found a metal pole and stabbed the animal in the chest. With a squeal, it’s lifeless body fell straight to the ground.All of a sudden Rick remembered everything.A fallout.Radiation was all over the place.This caused animals to be forced to adapt to their new environment and evolved over the years.The radiation must have caused the animals to grow at an abnormal rate.Rick realized that he could not survive on his own, so he went on a mission to find more possible survivors.In the middle of finding for more survivors, Rick found himself at a lake.When he swam across it, he felt something tugging on his leg near.When he looked at what it was, he saw a huge fish-like animal.It started pulling Rick’s jumpsuit.Suddenly, it opened its mouth and sharp rows of teeth could be seen about to devour Rick.Without thinking, Rick took the metal pole and stabbed the fish in the mouth, leaving the pole in between his top and bottom mouth.The fish was struggling to get the pole out of its mouth.This gave Rick enough time to swim out of the other side of the lake and run away from the monster.Now defenseless, Rick continued searching for survivors.

        After hours of running, Rick found a destroyed town, a small shack and a campfire.He approached the shack and found about ten people in the shack.They were well armed and seemed surprised to see Rick.The leader of the group, Michael went to Rick and asked him what he was doing there.Rick told Michael that he did not know what was happening.Michael told him that he was looking for other survivors and that they were trying to find as many survivors as possible so that they could make it the fallout.Rick joined Michael and his group to make a settlement and survive together.He was tasked to look for more survivors, so Rick went on to find more people.Now, it was just up to fate whether Rick would survive the fallout...

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