Thursday, 25 February 2016

Jeffrey's Earliest Memories Creative Writing (12)

  One of my earliest memories were of my grandmother. She was still young and strong, about the age of fifty. She would take care of me, feed me, console me, basically, my 'second mother'. It was amazing how she had long black silky hair even at that age. To be honest, she was a bit fat, fat enough that I could use her stomach as a trampoline, probably because I was really light too. It also always baffles me how she falls asleep after twenty minutes of watching the television, and whenever I ask her why, she would always reply, "There is nothing entertaining to watch." All in all, she brought a lot of happiness to my life, and also a 'shelter' from my fierce mother.
  I always used to play in the street soccer court near my student care. It has left me with many fond memories that I would love to cherish, gave me hours of fun every day that did not rain. The floor was concrete, cold and hard. It was so hard the when I fell on the back of my head, everything went spinning and I had a memory loss! The fences were green and rusty, almost like the ones in an old jail cell. Finally, the most important thing of all, my friends there. It was so fun playing with them and even until now, I miss them! That was where I developed my flair and love for soccer, and I will never forget it.
  I remember my beloved first house, all the way in Myanmar. It was pretty small and long, almost like a hallway. It was on the fourth level, the top floor. We did not have an elevator then, so climbing up was a real chore. It had a balcony, my favourite place in the whole house. Every day, I would spend hours, sitting at the balcony, looking at the 'beautiful' streets below, with my favourite ball beside me.
  These were the earliest memories and my fondest memories.

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  1. so touching luv it such a beautiful piece of writing