Saturday, 27 February 2016

Ramirez's Creative Writing Task 2

The dark hallway lay before him.Mike was on his way to school in a good mood as he was excited to meet his friends again after the long school holidays.Thinking that nothing could bring him down, he walked through the dark hallway leading to the main road while whistling cheerfully.

In the middle of the hallway, Mike heard someone calling his name.So he turned around but saw nothing.Mike continued walking,feeling a bit uneasy.Suddenly,he felt a strong gust of wind, pushing against his skin.Now, he felt paranoid."What was that?" Mike trembled.He quickened his pace thinking that he needed to get out of the hallway immediately.In the corner of his eye,he saw a silhouette of an animal.Now he was really scared.Knowing that ghosts are not real,he told himself calmly that he was just imagining things.

The wind got stronger,whispers could be heard and the silhouette of the animal got larger and larger.Mike was trembling.He ran and ran but he tripped and fell on the ground.Out of the blue, the lights turned on.He saw that the only animal there was just an ordinary cat.

Mike realized that he had just scared himself by thinking that he was getting attacked.Mike learnt that ghosts are not real and that they are all in their imagination.He wished that he knew that ghosts were just in his imagination when he was scared out of his wits.

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