Sunday, 31 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 and 2 by Lucas

Beads of sweat rolled down my neck as I rested my head on the luggage at the back of 12-seater van my parents' had loaned. Clutching on to my father's phone to my chest, my eyelids were growing heavier by the second as I waited for the long-awaited vibration that signalled the arrival of the long-awaited text message.......
  Allow me to explain :My family had gone to Australia for a three-week holiday and could not make it back in time to receive my PSLE results.As a consequence, my form teacher was requested to send my father a photo of my result slip.
  As I was about to fall asleep, "vrr" ,the phone vibrated.I immediately jolted awake and I looked at the illuminated screen of my father's phone.I was elated and any signs of anxiety of not getting good grades were replaced by happiness.
  "Daddy ,I scored 251!" When my father stopped at the next petrol kiosk to fill up the petrol tank ,he wrapped me in his warm embrace, congratulated me and said I made him proud.
  Ringing the doorbell, my sisters and I recounted the happenings of the past week.We just came home from youth camp and were exhausted.As we entered the house, we unpacked our bags and headed to our respective rooms to rest.

  "Creak..."My bedroom door opened and the slits of light hurt my eyes my mother entered.Just then,I remembered the SST appeal interview that I attended before going to Malaysia for youth camp, "Mum what are the results of the interview that I went for?" "I was just about to tell you." Judging from her solemn expression, I had a hunch that I did not get into SST."You got in!"My mother exclaimed, a beaming smile on her face.I was exhilarated at the thought of attending SST.Any sign of weariness was replaced with signs of happiness

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