Friday, 29 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 by Abigail Tan (My Earliest Memories)


                One of my earliest memories that I can remember is before my little sister was born. I had my family to myself. My loving mother, long hair in a ponytail, with baggy shorts and always smelling like her rose perfume. I had my personal space and room to myself. However, after the birth my baby sister, my mother turned her attention and focus to her. I remember the feeling of loneliness, playing with myself, imagining my mother's presence. I felt like my family had forgotten all about me. When I heard my sister's cute little laugh for the first time, I viewed her from a different perspective. I grew to love her, with her toothless smile, tiny limbs and adorable voice. I understood why she needed so much attention. After all, she was just a small baby! Until today, she is still a great attention-seeker.

                A place that I used to play with was the playground a stone's throw away from my house. It has a mini yellow slide and two big blue slides for the more daring children. We could hear the delighted shrieks of other children. My partner in play was my sister. We would pretend we were going on adventures and dangerous they were. I can remember the fun we had, the fresh after smell of rain as we always played after it rained, the weird stares that passers-by gave us and the feeling of freedom. Now, my schedule is so packed that I can barely say a word to her before she goes to sleep! I miss the playground sometimes, especially the part about fun. 

               The place where I used to live, or rather, m still living in now, is home. Everyday after school, when the HDB flat comes into my line of vision, I smile. Home at last! Step through the door and immediately the sight of a huge black grand piano greets your eye. I have had it since I was primary 1. Through the hall and into my room, the big brown table where I did every last piece of work, and the sound of the slightly spoilt fan creaking at each turn it makes, and the posters I collected throughout my lifetime. The kitchen, where aromatic smells of different kinds of food welcomes you, and the wonderful taste as you sink your teeth in. Home. Where everything is familiar.

              All these wonderful recallings are etched in my brain, as earliest memories.

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