Sunday, 31 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 by Emmanuel Chew
      One of my earliest memories was with one of my cousins. My cousin had hair that reached her shoulders, with some freckles on her face. She wore a shirt with a Hello Kitty logo on it and a white background. She used to pinch my cheeks, and I would always push her away. This was one of my earliest memories.
     One of the places that I used to play at was a playground near my house. It had red and uneven steps that led up to the top. The whole structure had any colours like red, blue, yellow and so on. It had 3 short slides that I would use to get down from the playground. It had a small toy telescope at the top that when you look through, you would see a small piece of bird feces. This was one of the places I used to play at.
     One of my earliest memories of the place that I live was the big, brown whitish-brown sofa. It was ancient. Whenever someone sat on it, a large cloud of dust would appear. The kitchen was a place to be avoided at night. It was dark and scary. Smells of coffee, rice and soap would drift out of it.

     These are my most treasured and earliest memories. 

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