Sunday, 31 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 by Jonah Choke

My earliest memories...

 It was my kindergarten year and my mother always got my things ready for me before I go to kindergarten every morning. My mom's hair was curly and short back then. She always combed her hair in the morning. When she sent me to kindergarten, she would always wear her Crocs slippers. And, that was one of my earliest childhood memories.

  One place that I used to play in was the void deck just below my flat. I would usually play soccer with my family there as I live on the fourth floor, and it is not so considerate for the people living on the third floor as the ball would make a lot of noise when bounced on the floor. It would be quite hot sometimes, and there would be sweat trickling down our forehead after playing. And, that was the place that I used to play in.

  I  have always lived in the same flat. It was a Housing Development Board located at Yishun. It was an executive apartment where there are four bedrooms. One of the bedrooms was used as a study room while another was used as a store room. The other two were my parents' bedroom and my sister's and my room. I had two living rooms, and there was a "link" connecting both of them.

  Theses are my earliest memories of my childhood life.

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