Friday, 29 January 2016

My Earliest Memories
  One of the people I can remember...As I look back to the period of my hospitalization, I remembered her wavy jet black hair that down to her shoulders, those spectacles that were always sliding down her nose.Her robust physique always covered with baggy clothes.Seen every day helping me bring delicious home-cooked food right to my bedside and spoonfeeding me with those loving, calloused hands of hers.Her dark brown eyes that looked at me ,oh,so lovingly always comforted me.This is my mother.
  One of my earliest playspaces...As I was either hospitalized or in the hospital for most of my childhood, I had very few sources of fun, but I can distinctly remember a particular place.This was the room beside my ward.This small room was opposite the nurses station and was usually unoccupied.It smelt strongly of antiseptic and had many basins.I used to love Ben 10(and I still do a little)( along with many cartoons such as Pokemon etc.)and had a Diamondhead toy that I loved very much.It was glow-in-the-dark and could shoot plastic "diamonds".A nurse used to follow me into the room to play (as my mother was busy working and could not attend to me), we usually switched off the lights and played.When I was not being treated, if you walked past the room, you would hear the sounds of two people laughing.Oh, that room filled with joy.
  I used to live in a landed property in Farrer Road(before I got hospitalized).I can vaguely remember it was a two story house.There was a room which had a floor mattress that I used to sleep in.I remember I used to play with Lego when I was supposed to sleep and pretend to sleep when my parents checked on me.The house also had two large swimming pools in the backyard.There was also a room that had a tall stage and always smelt musky no matter how much air freshener we sprayed.
                                      These are my earliest memories
This is the link for how the diamondhead toy looked like(4127E89WHXL.jpg)

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