Thursday, 28 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 by Alex Pai

 My earliest memories by Alex Pai

  One of my earliest memories was lying on the soft and cooling mattress looking up at a bright light.My mum was in front of the mirror combing her smooth hair gently then applying makeup on her suggesting that we were going somewhere far.Her smooth and gorgeous face was in the mirror looking at me, eyes so dark that confirmed that she was my mum.A few moments later she put on her beautiful dress, ready for the wedding.
  One of the places I used to play is at the playground near my block.It was a small playground consisting of two swings and a slide.I loved going down the smooth slide as the wind passes through my hair and the adrenaline rush on the swing was addictive.I would go to this playground every day with my mother holding my hand.I would rush my mum, sometimes letting go of her hand running towards the playground, listening to the laughter of the children who were already there.
  I used to live in a flat at Lakeside.I would sit on the cold, hard and shiny floor with my soft and cuddly "companions".The aroma of my mother cooking in the kitchen always wafted into the living room where I was playing happily.The smell was simply irresistible, resulting in me running into the kitchen to inspect what she was cooking.
  These are my earliest memories of my wonderful childhood.

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